Micro water pump

by Depronized Jan 27, 2018
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Nothing. :) It was designed to drive cooling water for the motors but it didn't work well so I removed it and use passive intakes from the water jets instead. But in a configuration were this pump isn't exposed to air it will work so it could be used for other stuff and as an inspiration for others wanting to design a pump. The problem with this one is the intake diameter, it's so small that if air gets trapped, the surface tension is bigger than the suction force so the impeller starts running in an air bubble. This could probably be solved but I chose passive intakes for my boat intead.

Hahaha: D I will check if your micro pump will work in a submarine submerging and ascent, if it works, I will start looking for electronics that would fit.

Came across this nice pump while looking for a water pump for a very similar purpose. I'm building scale R/C towboats (the kind that push 15 barges up the river) and use liquid cooled speed controllers. I just thought I'd share something I've learned during my build that may help you out. I'm detailing my boats with lights, rotating radar, and even a home-brew arduino control and engine sound system. The last thing I want is two noisy brushless motors ruining the effect. I'm running belt drives with a 4:1 reduction to my prop shafts through 3D printed motor mounts and shaft housings. The problem is the high frequency drive of the motors transfers directly into the hull and acts as an amplifier.
I've found if I isolate the motor mount from the shaft housing by attaching it with 1/8 inch of silicon (I used a sticky version of home made proto putty you find all over the internet) I've reduced my sound outside the hull by around 10db running one motor. I haven't even got to test with two motors, my second motor mount is printing as I type. Hope this will help and happy boating!

Hi! thanks for sharing! yea, a hull is a very good amplifier! Would be nice to see your projects, have you published your projects somewhere?

Can you make this for a 12mm round motor as well? I would like to run a brushless in it and see how that fairs. It looks great, I have not tested it yet but looks like something I could use as a pump for an overvolted motor's liquid cooling.

Hi, unfortunately I don't have time for that. It's quite a substantial remake as the parts are made to fit this motor size, so if I start messing with the motor space, it will mess up the other things in the CAD as well. You also have to take into account the motor shaft diameter and length so that it fits. This pump project ended up taking I think around 10 times longer than I expected, printed probably 10 prototypes, so I'm kind of sick of it. :) It was way harder than I expected to make it work, but I couldn't give up when I had invested so much time into it already. :)

Ok. I'll try taking it on myself as the shaft diameter is the same, would be easier with original CAD files but I think I can make the STLs work given enough time. But either way keep up the good work, I like your OS rail components too I also plan on printing some of those.

hey great job! did you use epoxy to seal it or does that matter? i'd like to see it working and hear if it did the job you expected it to do. great looking pump for sure!

Thanks! No, I used CA to glue the parts, but I added some melt glue to the outside to seal it because in a previous experiment when I tried CA, it sucked the CA all the way in to the impeller and glued that as well.. :S Check out the video on the main page, there you have it up and running! :) If you mean as a cooling pump in the CB90, it's not installed yet.