Laser Cut Constellation Lamp

by fisherck Jan 29, 2018
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I cut this yesterday on a Thunder using rd works. Everything went great expect the lion refused to scan/raster. It seemed like rd works wouldn't recognize that there was even a line there unless I switched to cut. Thoughts/suggestions?

Side question: what were the final demonsions of the one you made?


Glad you decided to make this! Which of the provided file types did you download? I made this on Rhino (the 3dm file), and then also exported it to dxf and svg. I originally had difficulty exporting and then importing the dxf file (it was doing the same problem you mentioned where the lion lost it's black surface that was supposed to raster), but I played around with the original file and eventually was able to export a dxf file that imported correctly.

The rough dimensions of the lamp when completely assembled are 10" x 6.5" x 6.5". If you're looking for a reference dimension to make sure that the file imported to correct scale, the top right piece in the assembly should be 3" long (see attached photo).