Micro Gas Mask / Respirator V5 (Altoids 9)

by mussy Feb 1, 2018
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lol thanks he loves PLA

This is a good starting point for a nuisance level respirator where you would otherwise hold your breath or not just bother to put on a full respirator for a quick job.

I just printed one out to keep by my wood stove for when it gets smokey and I have to reload. The perfect application for something like this considering the applications these 3M disks were designed for. While these will filter out particles as rated, they are only acceptable for nuisance level vapors; meaning vapors that are at a level safe to breathe without protection. Those ratings are for using 2 filters at a time.

The mouthpiece should extend 25 mm beyond the edge of the disk. Otherwise it is just too awkward to use.
The mouthpiece should be a sharp edge oval to seal the lips better.
The biggest error here is that there is no flange for the filter seal to press up against. If you look closely, you will see that you are drawing air in through the lock pin engagement holes.
The flange needs to be moved closer to the engagement pins to take advantage of the flexibility of the filter lock mechanism to hold it in place.
Make a gromet for a string to hold the nose clip so it does not get lost.
The Altoid Tin specification should be dropped if it creates an unusable product.
While it is a type of respirator, it is not a "gas mask" of any sort.

John you have taken this little thing way to serious lol, if you really want a proper respirator check out my other designs, this was only intended to fit in a tin and at the time all my designed were based on Altoids tins , the reason its not sealing on your one is you forgot to add a rubber band.

Hi Mussy
I have been wanting something like this years ago since I came down with Lisinopril induced Asthma. I live in a rural area where everyone heats with wood and a few morons do not know how to burn their stoves cleanly. So when you cannot breath, it is taken very seriously. I carried a respirator even when riding my bicycle to get me through some of the smog layers from wood stoves. Even putting attachment points on my bicycle helmet to let my respirator hang loose when not needed like a fighter pilots O-2 mask. ... nice healthy rural living.

I had no way of knowing you had other respirator designs even though I looked at the other links listed on this page. So I searched a bit more. You have an amazing portfolio of designs.

I had several design concepts in mind for when I would get a printer but seeing ready made plans, I just had to print this out immediately.
I like your "Functional Gas Mask / Respirator V3 (P100 3M Filter)" which will be my first project when my food grade filament arrives next week.

Which design tools do you use?
I design in Fusion 360 which cannot work with STL files. I do have Blender but not proficient enough to do precise design work.

I will upload photos when I get a chance.
Thank you for the generosity of your designs.

Oh sure, you survive; but what about the little doggie? Where is his gas mask?

Hes Super Doggy ;)...... :)))) lol