Playseat Challenge steering bar looseness fix.

by tahustvedt Jan 27, 2018
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Works great and removed the dreaded wiggle I had. You will have to file the pieces a little to fit as this is tight and there is some variance from Playseat to Playseat.

I filed the inside of the outer piece and then forced it on. As for the plug, just hammer it in and then file the outside till it goes back in.

I have the same issue as CorrieD. It's absolutely impossible to fit either of the parts to the playseat.

If it's not tight it won't remove any play.

Really, I like your design, but it's completely impossible to insert both parts inside and outside the metal pipe. I tried ti file it down a little and it won't budge at all. Did you hammer it onto the pipe or something?

There might be a couple 1/100 of a mm difference between the results from different printers. The tubes might be very slightly different from seat batch to seat batch as well. Measure the parts to see if they match the dimensions of the model in the slicer. You can try printing at 0,08 mm layer height, which will result in more precise dimensions all around.

How tight should the fit of the plug be into the playseat plastic part? I can't seem to get it in and don't want to force too hard.

EDIT: I got it to work, just needed to sand it down a touch. This thing works great, it is very tight now. Thanks!

I got the same issue.