Nautilus Gears With Modified Bar

by RoboBaggins Jul 31, 2012
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the pins that klick in place keep on snapping off

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How long does it take to print?

I guess that depends entirely on your settings.
On my XYZ Da Vinci Mini W, it takes about 2 hours with a good result, and 5 hours with an excellent result.

Just printed this NAUTILUS GEAR model on my Monoprice Maker Ultimate! Check out my time lapse video of the print:


This is the version of the model created by MishaT (prior to the pin improvement)

When I print the arm I get a thin wall to one side as well. Is there an errant pixel or something

How easily do the snaps break during assembly?

I have printed this twice and the first time the connecter bar broke and the second time was a success

Awesome, This is the perfect replacement. I kinda wondered why the original was not made in such a way. It just doesn't work out quite right the way the pins get printed.

How do you get the shaft on the bar to come out strong and full? I've printed several different ones with PLA and everything comes out strong and fine except the shaft!

If your having trouble with the teeth not sticking give your print bed a quick shot of hairspray before the print!

snaps together very well. I printed with glow-in-the-dark ABS and clear ABS on my Afinia. Interestingly the clear ABS is a bit harder, which actually makes it easier to remove from the platten. It also lets the gears mesh more smoothly after first few turns than does the gitd (and other colors, I'd imagine). This is a great model to give away to friends as a 3D printer showcase - fairly quick and easy to print, and not something people are likely to have seen before.

Just printed this out today, works perfectly! I'm afraid I'll have the gears worn out pretty soon from playing with it so much. :P

solidification's quad Nautilus gear is beautiful - definitely on my list to print next.

Thank you for this! I printed the previous one several times and EVERY TIME it would snap... this one went together cleanly the first time with no breaking!

Thanks for this change. I had issues with the bar snapping on the other set, this worked great.