Myriwell Rl200a NTC table

by Don_Dave Jan 30, 2018
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I also have a MyRiwell RL200A printer i want to convert to open source electronics. RUMBA in my case.
Did you get everything working? Can you provide us with more information?

Did you get the display/SD card reader and buttons working?

HI, sorry for my late response. I am not logged into thingiverse frequently.

I have converted my printer to work with Ramps 1.4.
A standard ramps kit includes a new Display and SD card reader at the costs of 30€. So I did not bother to try to use the old hardware.

My printer is working very nice so far. I have changed everything to ramps 1.4 and I am driving the whole printer with 12V instead of the stock 24V.
There are 2 consequences out of this:

  1. I hade to change the heater cartridge to a 12V one. This was my initial reason for the rebuild as the stock one broke and the a Myriwell one is 70€ compared to a standard 12V one for 6€.
  2. I currently drive the bed with 12V. Therefore it only heats to 55°C. In order to improve I could run the bed with a separate 24V supply and switch via a mosfet but I only print PLA.

Also please checkout this page.
There are some pieces of info there: https://space.planetsofa.de/?p=214

Hope this helps with more details on my setup.
Let me know if you need any other info.

Thank you for the response.

Thank you for the link.

Since i couldn't get any thermistor from the repetier thermistor table working, i was afraid i had to switch out that part. A standard heater block also fits. Now i cn test the thermocoupler first. If that works, it will save me time and work.

Since i like verfy much how the machine looks, i would really like to be able to use the display, buttons and sd card slot it has. It'll take some searching and time, but i'll get there :)

Hey, glad you can use it.
Let me know if it works for you. I crosschecked with an IR Thermometer and it was pretty OK (2-3° off)

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