by Timo77 Jan 29, 2018
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What dimensions is this supposed to print at? For some reason it's coming out really tiny when I print it.


I don't have the printed unicorn here but I guess it's around 5cm long.

how do I print this? im using a creality cr10 mini and simplify3d. it puts the model on its feet, but when I print the feet keep getting knocked off the bed after the first couple of layers.

do I need to use a raft or some other setting? the tips of the feet are so small. or does it need laying on its side?

I don't think I used a raft, but you could try it. This could prevent it from tipping over. I am absolutely sure I printed it standing on its feet.

You could also try to calibrate your first layer so it gets pushed harder onto the printing surface. Also you could read through these hints: https://www.simplify3d.com/support/print-quality-troubleshooting/#print-not-sticking-to-the-bed

Unfortunately your model has an internal surface right where you inserted the horn into the head. This causes problems with some slicers. Now I have a horse with a hole in the forehead and a horn. I know the setting to fix it in my slicer, but I am sure a lot of people run into the same error and have to print it twice.
Please repair it, as it is a very cute model.

Thanks for submitting this modeling-fault! I fixed it and uploaded a new file.

Thanks also for the compliment :-)

Great design. My darling will adore but can I ask why don´t do the eye directly in the face?

I do not have talent to draw or paint it! :)

What do you mean by directly in the face? You mean I should have printed them? I thought it would look better this way :-D

just try it! You don't need much talent. And in case you don't like it just reprint it ;-)

I´m talking about the unicorn body design (file "unicorn_body.stl") that doesn´t have eyes. I saw in your picture that you did the unicorn eyes by paint...

This was intentional because I wanted to make different eye-styles possible. (closed or open)

But you can easily boole a hole where you want the eyes to be using blender.