CUSH - Custom Spool Holder

by cbaoth Jan 29, 2018
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FYI, my 2018 Tornado "gold" version has a 150mm wide control box.

Thanks for the info.

The original one has the same size, but after some "complaints" about a too tight fit, I added 2mm play, which works just fine in my case, so I left it this way.

So what size do I use for a 1kg spool? The size shown in the first top left picture or the "Small" spool holder shown on the bottom right?

I started off using the one in the top-left picture (wide fit), but I'm now using the one in the lower-right one (noarrow fit), since I have a few small (250g) TPU spools.

So if you want to be more flexible and future-proof, I suggest printing the "Small Spool" version, if you like the other style more and intend only to use "regular" (~1kg) spools, you can use the regular version.

What is that green you used? i.e. brand and color


It's a PETG named Transluzent Neongrün - Fluoreszierend (translucent-neon-green - fluorescent) from the German brand Das Filament.

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Works well printed it in clear petg.

Awesome spool holder! Thank you!
Sadly my bearings do not fit, because the inner diameter is 7.9 not 8mm. I can not set a decimal point number in customizer. Could you add that possibility?

Thanks again!

I changed it, the sliders are now gone but you should now be able to enter decimal numbers and existing decimal numbers are now shown correctly (were rounded before).

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I'm working on printing this out now (I just recieved a Tevo Tornado this past week) and I'm finding that the tabs aren't wide enough for the controller, they will only stay down if I press down or have weight on them.

For some reasons customizer isn't working for this model?

I scaled up the x axis to 1.01 and that was wide enough, but I'm worried that the bearing axels won't work. Opened up the scad file in Open SCAD and changed the inner bracket distance from 150 to 152 and made a few other improvements: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2789827

The snap together with the bearings part seems to work well.

CUSH - Custom Spool Holder Tevo Tornado

I uploaded a new version 1.1 with the dimensions you suggested and a new "Small Spool" version which I will print soon. The latter has the dimensions of TUSH so it should support smaller spools.

@Customizer: As far as I can tell it's generally broken (for all models) due to some missing library / version conflict or something. Just a side-note: If you have a recent version of OpenSCAD (2016+, not the stable 2015 version) you can activate an experimental "Customizer" feature in the settings.

Nice, thanks for the numbers.

You're right, it's a pretty tight fit, but I still uploaded the file that worked for me, since I didn't want to make another print to test a wider version. So thanks for the numbers, I'm currently thinking about printing a version where the bearings are closer together (like in my "No Bracket" version, similar to TUSH) since I have just a few small filament roles that don't fit (too small). So I'll print this with 152 and if it works for me I'll update the main model too.