Rick And Morty Lithophane (#1)

by JaycenS Jan 30, 2018
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It works perfectly now. Made this one real real small. I am curious to see how it scales, but this is definitely improved. Thanks Jaycen for fixing the file and being very responsive.

Thanks for sharing looks great, And just to let you know I've now added curved variants of this in both regular and large size.

A lithophane (French: lithophanie) is an etched or molded artwork in very thin translucent porcelain that can only be seen clearly when back lit with a light source. ... The varying lightsource is what makes lithophanes more interesting to the viewer than two-dimensional pictures.

This is solid all the way through, I printed it and it is just too thick to be a lithophane.

I honestly don't know what to tell you, when you say "this is solid all the way through" it sounds like you are saying that its one solid block with no varying thickness. and that's just not true. I downloaded the source file and printed it 2 days ago, And I can confirm that this is not a Solid Block and that it has varying thicknesses because it is indeed a Lithophane. you can check the photos below to see that it is not completely solid like you claim it is.

That aint it chief. There is varaition in the thickness. However, I have tried shining a strong flashlight through the back and there was no lithophane effect. It is not see through. What material did you use?

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regular pla, I Updated the file earlier so that should have fixed any issue you may have had, if you're up to it try giving the new file a print and maybe share a pic. the new file should be even crisper and sharper now. and I'm sorry that your previous print didn't go so well.

Cool. I'll try asap and send a pic too. No biggy on the first print, I know you arent doing anything with malicious intent.

yeah, and thanks for letting me know something was up with the model.

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Not actually a lithophane. The back is solid and opaque unless you are using something special.

-_o what makes you think this is Not a Lithophane?

I squanch this very much!

Oh jeebus the description, cant love this any more hahaha