Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Pi-Bot, 3d printing for Raspberry Pi

by Sebastius Aug 1, 2012
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AstroPrint is pretty great

I get the same problem as c15da. I get as far as adding the experimental branch and it all falls apart. It looks like the experimental branch no longer exists in the kliment printrun git archive. The beardface archive has a web interface that works, but pronterface doesn't :(
Do you know if the experimental fork has been incorporated into the master fork, or has it been removed?

Question: for replicator 2, how to connect with printer by Printrun? Need help

self.webInterface = None

I changed None to True and it tried to
work, but encountered the same error described here:

So, farther, but not quite to the end result.

(on Ubuntu 12.04)

Bug fix submitted https://github.com/kliment/Printrun/pull/345https://github.com/kliment/Pri...
But as I'm new to GIT it may take a while due to me possibly goofing up the process

Just 2 things.
1: I cannot manage to get it establishing a webserver. It does it fine with HelloWorld, but pronerface is not making one, also I don't think there is a webavail in this version, so idk how to turn it on/make it work

2: I was wondering if there was any other web interface that would allow this to work with a Makerbot, given that it does not accept raw gcode input.


I'd like to collaborate on this. How do we do this?

I sent you a private message (i think) so we can talk a bit.

I wrote that code in pronterface to enable web, and now its on the pi! Awesome! That was the whole reason I wrote it initially and never got around to it - I'll give this guide a test.

I installed this on a netbook with ubuntu I had kicking around. I added Motion and Cambozola for a live video stream. Pretty cool to be able to control and watch my printrbot, haven't figured out how to load a file for slicing from the web-gui though.

Very cool. Nice intructions, they brought up the web interface for me! I'll ty printing from the RPi after I get my case (27009) printed. Thanks!

Thank You Very Much!!!

Let me know if you try it and if you got any tips!

ordering a pi, so It will be a While!

Got mine in less than 24 hours, Farnell had them in stock :)