Particulates Sensor Case

by shred Feb 3, 2018
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Temperature is too high (3-4 °C) with mine, but i'm more concerned about the values from the SDS011 sensor... i had the system up and running for two weeks with the tube case from luftdaten.info and got values between 2-35 μg/m2, which made completely sense for me since we have some old wood oven heatings around here. With this case the values dropped noticeable and now vary from 0.5-9 μg/m2 while the position is the same and the weather conditions are mostly equal (windy, lots of rain) - which i think is way too low. Perhaps the intake causes this problem... anyone who noticed this, too?

Today I did some temperature tests (see attached picture, stil ongoing), the main box has the DHT22, the temporary box just a DS18B20, then there is a remote sensor top right for a display in the room, and down there an ancient style thermometer.
The ancient and remote sensor are showing pretty much the same value.
the DHT22 is always ~3° above, the 18B20 ~1° below that.
The highest difference between DHT22 and 18B20 was 5.1° beeing just 5cm apart.

Conclusion, I blame these new fancy parts giving the wrong values.
And I ordered a BMP280 to see how far off this guy will be :)

PS: a bit off topic, but I continued on the 1st comments, trying to find the root cause.

Found the box in the local DIY store by accident, so I decided to upgrade to it.
And as mentioned in the previous comments I recognized the temperatur is slightly higher then before,
thats why I popped out one of the plugs on the sides and I hope it does not heat up by itself too much in the box, but after 3 hours its still 3°C higher than my non-digtal sensors next to it.

Same issue here, + 2-3 degrees more in case compared to outside case

i have temperature problem in this Case. 4-5 degress more compared with node Case.