Bathtub Tugboat Benchy

by shfqrkhn Jan 30, 2018
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where can i find the stl of the plug in your picture?

I'm glad you like the boat, but what have you changed? It was only zoomed in smaller. I don't see any other changes. So it's not really a remix but a copy and they marked the wrong boat as a remix. It flows a lot of time into my own design and it would be nice to respect it. Thanks.

I basically scaled it down to the size of the benchy. This makes it a quick print. When scaled down, it doesn't need as many polygons to look good. So, I remeshed it and reduced the poly count. This also makes it easier to process with a smaller processor footprint both on the computer and on the printer motherboard. When I reduced the poly count, it propped up some mesh errors. I fixed those as well.

I know these are small changes, but they are not as simple as just scaling down in the slicer. If you want me to remove it, just say the words, and it'll be gone.

Love your work BTW.

I had no problems with the number of polygons but ok. It would be very nice if you link the REMIX from bathtub boat to tugboat and point it out in the description. I would be happy with that, I think it's only fair to the designer. I always do it myself. Thank you for your understanding.

It seems to be marked as a "remix" already pointing to the tugboat. I usually just click on "remix it" and that takes care of everything.