Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Zelda - Breath of the Wild - Temple of Time

by Jbenedetto84 Jan 31, 2018
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Could there be any possibility of breaking this into two files? Perhaps a base and a roof? This might make support clean up easier and permit those of us war gamers to have battles more easily inside because the roof can be removed?

Very respectfully

When I first designed this I tried and it did not work well because the mesh doesn't behave as it would normally. This is because the original mesh was not designed to be watertight as it is just faces for textures to lay on in the game. I attempted this with meshmixer to no avail. I was able to print this with one material and remove the supports, but it took a lot of patience and a lot of time to do properly. I also had to adjust my support settings to make the gap further and minimize the sheer amount of supports to make removal possible. The best way to print this model is with a dissolvable support material. If I get some time I will try to split this but I can't promise good results.

Lovely work. What is the size, or approximate scale, of this?

Scale is very difficult as there is no definitive height in the game to match this to. Print size is all determined by your print bed.

Huge favor to ask - can you make an updated version that makes the floor, spires and walls solid rather than hollow? The fact that those pieces are hollow is causing a lot of difficulty with printing this.

I will open it up in 3DS Max and see what I can do. This has been a very difficult model to work on due to its 2+million vertices. I have a brand new pc with a GTX 1080 and it still runs slow as hell. Large manifold commands like that could cause it to crash.

What issues are you having? I have been able to print this model without issue. Maybe there are some settings we can tweak to get it to print ok for you. Can you let me know what your settings are? What slicer are you using?

Thanks for the reply! The problem is that I've got a very small print bed and in prep, the supports are unmanageable. It's trying to build supports under the model, and if I print as is, it won't have a nice solid bottom. Also, the walls of the spires are too thin to print, so the repair tool in my printer application keeps trying to remove them. If I had a bigger printer, it probably wouldn't be as bad, but I really would like a solid base to it if possible. I'm needy. :D

What size is your printbed? What resolution are you printing at? I notice if the scale gets too small the spires don't show up after slicing. The same happens if your resolultion is too big. Also, which slicer are you using?

I noticed the Goddess statue is missing, any plans to model it on its own?
Love your models

Check out the new version with the included Goddess Statue.

Thanks! I've been working on this model all day because it doesn't slice properly and I can't figure out why. I could definitely rip the goddess statue for this either as a separate model or as part of this one once/if I get it fixed.

I would love to see a picture of this print. That would sick af

I'm very excited to print this. I'm having issues with my chimera extruder ATM, but as soon as I get things squared away I'm going to try it. Definitely going to need some PVA for support to dissolve away.