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Epic Scale Valkyrie/ Vendetta

by Stroganoff Feb 1, 2018
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upscaled it to 125% to use it for Adeptus Titanicus scale 8mm. Great File. Thank you :)

AT2018 Scale(~1/266.63) is 6.9% larger than 1/285 scale and 6mm Truescale (~1/268.33) is about 6.2% larger than 1/285 scale.

Realistically this is a 1% divergence.

Would it be possible for this to be remixed into the other variations of this ship?

Do you mean the Vulture and the Sky Talon?

wonder how much this would need upscaled to make 28mm, also how much detail it might lose if any if i dragged it to size.

The scale factor will be something near 560%. I don't know the exact dimensions of the 40k model though! But if that's your aim, I'd recommend using one that's already detailed for 28mm scale, like https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3147808 or use the details from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1120219

Warhammer 40K Imperial Flyer Valkyrie
Albatross Gunship 28mm scale

Man that's a lot of detail for 6mm. Bet this would look good at 28mm

Great work as always. Only point of critique would be a part breakdown like the vulture would be preferable (to me at least) and the tail seems a bit blank compared to the vultures.

Thanks for the suggestion, I just took care of it!

I missed this reply until now, you truly are the patron saint of epic model files!

Thank you for this!!!!!!!! Looking forward to the Vulture. Also wouldn't complain about Thunderbolt and a good Marauder series! :)