3D Printed Stirling Engine Type Alpha

by petrzmax Feb 3, 2018
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Great design.
It works perfectly after a few small adjustments.
Thanks for sharing your dessing.

Thanks for Your kind words ;) You can also post a make of it :D

The design is great ; but we do not arrive to have a inertie wheel working as well as in your vidéo. How do you prevent the Screw of the axis when you Screw it to rub too much ?

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Hello! Can you please tell us what is the black material in the other syringe Thanks!

Une seringue a du cuivre fin à l'intérieur. Mais qu'est-ce qu'il y a dans l'autre seringue ? Merci pour votre réponse.

Its me again. First of all, great design, could you share your assembly? (Autodesk Viewer is a great online tool) There are some pieces I have no idea what they're used for :(

Unfortunately I don't have time for it at the moment.

Dude, where are the spacers used?

Between conection rods and cranks.

Firstly, great engine.. love it!! I've pretty much got all the nuts bolts etc... apart from the tubes and glass parts.. I'm going to build the main structure first..

OK, could you possibly post the parts list i.e. how many prints per part for assembly please as that would be really useful.



Added it in the description.

That's great.. thanks.. I'm going to print this soon.. just got to tweak my printer a little more till I'm happy with the quality..

Dude, hi.
First of all, judos for a great job, the engine is amazing, however, I'd love to modify some parts of it, would you mind or can you share the Inventor opt files with me? Anyway, thanks.

Hi, it may be hard to modify because it's partially parametric and every part is mathematically connected to each other if I remember correctly.

Well, thanks anyway.

Would running with larger syringes (20ML) have any impact on the running of this style of engine, like RPM perhaps, or is that simply dictated by the balancing act of the heat input? Like perhaps more heat, more cooling, so that the engine would perhaps run faster?

Sure it will have impact. Larger syringe has larger diameter, so there is more air to push in the same amount of time. Larger engine will run slower, but it should have more torque. It ofcourse depends on the design.

Excellent job. Congratulations!!

Artur, can you please tell me what is the "Plug" part for?

It fills the gap between flywheel supports.

what insulating material are you using on the hot end?
The project looks great. I have always been interested in heat engines.

That's some kind of cotton, which I bought to insulate bottom of the heatbed.

wow it's incredible!

as cool as this is... what can i make it do? anyone got a cool idea for this to power something else?
this is not to be condescending in any way, i really do think this is cool, i just wanna see it taken a step further.

How about using this to power a marble machine? so marbles can go up over and over again.

Sweet man, very nice

What is the "stuff" in the ends of the syringes?

That's a thin copper wire.

Thanks for that, but what is it for?

The air is heating up and cooling down faster when it's going through fine copper mesh.

Thanks. Got it now! Kindest Regards, Danny.