TronXY P802ma X-Axis Cable Guide

by hweichel Feb 2, 2018
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it looks like the way you are mounting the drag chain, that you are putting a lot of stress on the mounting brackets. the lower bracket that the linked 'remixed from' uses appears to use the extruder, and the bearing mounts as a way to reduce the stress, as well as get the wires closer to their final location.

drag chains are really only meant to bend one direction, this design, although helpful, would force the chain to bend in an unnatural way, inducing vibrations along the X axis as the motor now has to contend with the force of the chain not wanting to bend, the brackets, bending, as well as the normal weight of the moving parts.

I haven't printed one, so I don't know if this is the case, but this is the way it appears just from your photos, and other brackets I have made/modified for my P802m

the extruder end really should be lower, and depending on the solid foundation of the motor will increase its lifespan, as well as not require the harder-to-print filaments, likewise the reason the majority of X-axis chain mounts have the motor side so high is for similar reasons, to reduce stress, and increase lifespan.

if you are attempting to reduce filament used, you can do it easier by bringing in angles, rounding the edges, or curving the platforms. if you are attempting to reduce print times, then breaking away from the square shape, and using triangles as much as possible will reduce print times.

Will the open cable chain links work with this?