Tronxy X5S Stabilized Carriage for Hotend

by rothnic Feb 3, 2018
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thanks for your time.
I printed this, but I don't know how to attach the belts.
I see in youre video that you have a red piece where the belt are connected.
Using the default extruder, how can i resolve.
Thanks in advance for youre time.

FWIW, I kept the stock metal plates, but replaced the rollers with solid printed-PLA bearings. Solid bearings are often used in designs needing precision. To be clear, this was an experiment. I did not know if it would work. After a few hundred hours of printing ... it works. The only "play" in the hotend assembly is the flexing of the aluminum extrusion.


TronXY X5S upgrades

I solved 95% of my carriage movement by replacing the 3 wheel bolts with one's that are about an inch longer. Than attached two springs., bottom of both springs attach to bottom bolt, then top of spring to each top bolt. This provides a squeezing force on the opposite side of the mounting bracket, removing most of my side-to-side and back and fore play.

Captive nuts are the nuts with nylon locks in them?

Captive means that you insert regular nuts into the part, which keeps the nut from turning.

Can stock hot end be used? Also there are still spacers behind the wheels, but shorter? Otherwise the wheels would touch the mount?


This component directly replaces the stock metal carriage. So, you should be able to use the stock hotend, but I haven't tested it. The spacers are no longer required, you just need to use washers on either side of the v-slot wheels.

OK thanks. Again captive nuts are the nuts with the nylon inserts for locking wheels onto the carriage?

Great !
Exactly what I was looking for !
Which e3d support are you using ?

TronXY x5s Stabilized Carriage E3dV6 easy Print

I received my printer two weeks ago and I have been modding it with some mods on Thingiverse and my remixes to their mods but one of the authors (sgabolab) has a no derivative in their license so I can't put up my remix for anyone. In my mod it brought things together and made it so my carts could use eccentric nuts and let me tell you that was a night and day difference. I just finished drilling the third hole bigger on my Extruder plate (use 9/32 or 5/16 as I was chamfering the hole with 5/16 and it caught and drilled the hole to that size but works just as well) so my Extruder carriage now sports an eccentric and I can tilt the bar and down it comes so no real friction unlike the original which was dang hard to move (the L/R carts with the eccentrics are the same way just smooth and a light touch to slide).

I was building my own massive CoreX/Y and it sat there 70% done in my den for over a year so I know what needs what and I have the parts. Right off let me say you can do yourself a favor and remove the 625ZZ (there are two per wheel + a small spacer) from the wheels because they are garbage and they are just not smooth running at all so I replaced the wheels with my wheels that use two 625RS + spacer and the difference was night and day as well.

All corners have corner brackets now in X/Y/Z and that made a massive difference in rigidity.

Of course I did a 24v 500w PSU (1.3ohm @24v=~440 watts in reality), external mosfet, and 14 gauge wire mod to my bed as I ordered those things from Amazon before the printer even arrived.

Next up will be replacing this Melzi as it refuses to read any SD card I have thrown at it no matter what I tried from the net and the belts work but I have 9 meters of GT2 steel belted ready for when they wear out.

Take note about the original parts and adding ecentrics plus the printed spacers from sgabolab as I now have no sway at all and the rocking motion you experienced is because of the stupid nylon spacers they used (pure garbage for this).

Is there any way you could integrate https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2599752/#files into your design? One piece would be so elegant, and I am bad at fusion..


v6 mounting plate for the Tronxy X5s
TronXY x5s Stabilized Carriage E3dV6 easy Print

Took a quick look at it. Looks like the printability would drastically decline to combine them. It is something I'm interested in, but might require a little more rethink of the design. The other aspect that really should be addressed at the same time is providing the correct belt anchor points, so we don't have to combine other hacks on top of it.

Not surprising. I'm working on a solidworks object for the mount on a carriage for Hiwin MGN-12 to combine the two sort of. Just not sure on the pulley spacing distance and how I want to provide a strong enough mounting point. SO far printability for a top-mounted rail would be OK I think with supports. Easy to clean up any support marring anyway.

I've thought about a one piece design that combines a v6 mount, and correct positioning of the belts, without any workaround components. With the upgraded carriage, there is no longer a need to maintain the stock belt mounting positions. It might be a bit before I get to it though, I'm just now getting my printer up a running after replacing many of the parts that it came with.

The mount I'm currently using is this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2598186

Tronxy X5s e3d v6 Mount With Belt Aligner

The only thing that has held me back with that design is the bulk and weight. Were it not for those factors, (and the incompatibility with any dual 40mm fang) I'd be on that.

This is brilliant. Just printed and it's perfect! No back and forth or side to side movement with the carriage now

Nice, glad it helped. I was really quite surprised at how bad the stock carriage is.