6-axis RoboArm Sirius

by Diego_RSDesign_ Feb 3, 2018
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This is one fantastic design. After reviewing the fusion file and the level of detail put into that piece of work I must say that this team of students are incredibly talented. Wow!

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Очень здорово! А на сколько точная работа, то есть сильно руку калбасит ?)
Видео, нужно видео!))
И вопрос по софту, какой софт используется для контроллера и для подготовки его в работу ?

This appears to be a very good re-mix of the "Moveo" the gripper is the "Mantis" by the same designer but with some imprint.

Here are Links.
These videos trace the design of the arm for several revisions https://www.youtube.com/user/3xecutor/videos

Here is how to build the Mantis gripper https://youtu.be/Sz4pLQS5GgY

This is the original on GitHub https://github.com/BCN3D/BCN3D-Moveo
Here is the same but modified for 6-axis and being sold at a "kit" https://roboteurs.com/products/rbx1-remix-3d-printed-6-axis-robot-arm-kit

If you need to find out more information the google search terms are: BCN3D, Moveo,

WHat's different is that this "Siirius" version is using printed gears. Other designs are using timing belts

Of them all this is one I liked best up until now was https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2146252

This design has the mantis gripper but with an improved lower (servo) mount. It looks stronger. One improvement I'm adding is a quick release made with dove tails -- the same are a quick release ("QR") tripod mount for cameras.

I would VERY MUCH like to create a web pages that consolidates the various designs so people can compare and share information.

Congratulations to the builders of they newer family member.

Moveo modified 6 Axis Robot Arm (Bcn3d_Moveo)" improved "
by labala

The kids did great. The moveo is modeled after others too. Everything is these days. SO why rain on their parade

You are absolutely right, for the sample we really had a model of Moveo, but our schoolchildren did not copy it - but modeled our own, to the dimensions of our bearings, motors, etc. If you tell me your e-mail - I can invite you to the Fusion360 project - where you can see for yourself. A sketch for Arduino was also created independently by schoolchildren.

Классно сделано! А подскажите если можно конкретно какие двигатели применены? Контроллеры? Ремни применяются? Заранее спасибо.

Поворот базы - Nema17-39, база (первое плечо) - запаралеленные Nema23-76, второе плечо - Nema17-60, поворот третьего плеча -Nema11 с редуктором 1:5, далее - Nema17-39, ну и на схвате сервомашинка Futaba стандарт. Ремни не используются, все на шестернях.

does it have place for motors?

Unfortunately - I do not speak English very well ... I'm sorry ... What kind of information is needed? I am ready to provide.

People will want to know some numbers like...

1) weight the robot can lift
2) accuracy and repeatability. Can the gripper return to the same [lace to 10mm or to 0.01mm?
3) what motors where used
4) type of filament (PLA, ABS, ?) and amount in grams.
5) Parts list, bearings, screws, ....

The English is OK. If need help I can proof read and edit for you.

Such a great looking project, but so little information ......

Too bad !