Parallel Pliers

by NicholasKoza Feb 4, 2018
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Would it be possible to make a version with solid handles? Repetier generates support inside all of the notches, which I know i wont be able to remove.

Solid handle version uploaded.

Should be easy. Let me see if I get a chance to pull the documents up in Fusion this weekend.

Thanks! While youve got it up, do you think you could make the center hole 5mm instead of 4mm? I've got 3mm and 5mm on hand.. if not, then ill just print a pin.

Funny, I had to go out of my way just last night to pickup some M5s, because I only had M3s and M4s on hand.

I don't want to start creating too many combinations of various infills and bolts. Meshmixer or a quick pin might be the best solution there.

If you have an M5 drill bit handy it'd also be super easy to just drill it out post-print.

Dude, Ive been unconsciously wanting this for ages. brilliant Idea my friend!

Searching "parallel pliers" on Amazon might make you even happier. I might be one of the first to print them, but the concept has existed for a long time. :)

The center hole is a bit too large, might be perfect if it was made the same size as the others, as it is now with the large center hole the jaws do not stay parallel at all when you open and close them.
Also it looks like the thickness of the jaw is the same as the gap for them in the handles, making for a really tight fit made worse by the fact that its a area of overhang.

Hope your ok with the constructive criticism, still a really cool model and I love the way you did the handle. Thanks for sharing.

Are you using an M4 bolt in the center hole? i used a heftier M4 bolt for that pivot because it's spanning a wider gap, and its such a central pivot.

Opps i'm not, missed that little detail:)

Updated the build notes to call more attention to that detail. I'm sure you're not the only one to miss that detail.