Ben Solo's Lightsaber

by CaseStudyno8 Feb 4, 2018
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Wanted to bring your attention to the following link. Looks like someone is selling models of your files


Your models are awesome! I am getting issues with the middle chamber and pommel using Simplify 3D, there are holes in the model.

Thank you! I am unfamiliar with simplify3d unfortunately.

i know someone may have asked this already but you ever think about making them hollow to accept electronics? i build sabers with electronics from parts and one only really need a 1in inner diameter to make it work.

I've been really interested in trying this myself with these sabers recently, have you done it with 3d printed parts before? I've been looking for some guidance on what parts to use etc

there is a huge online subculture of lightsaber building and combat. lots of creators and sellers. a few Facebook pages to check out

I run a lightsaber builders club here in Minnesota. One of our member is a really big deal in the community

As for building sabers, Shameem has a few videos on how to build as well as
Rob Petkau from Genesis Custom Sabers

and most people get there parts from here

your models are beautiful and i and some others would love to install them. I am currently working on your Kirak infila and darksaber. just need to paint them. I have never installed a 3d printed saber bu i have seen some others do it. the saber should have at least a 1in inner diameter to fit a chassis with battery and electronics, as well as a 1in blade. i think as long as you print with ABS heat shouldn't be an issue. 90% of us use ABS 3D printed Chassis for our electronics.

If you want to work with me on some I would love to do a collaboration or something. There is a wealth info on the forms and facebook. these are your first steps into a bigger world lol

Thank you for all the resources! I really don't think it would be hard at all to modify my models to fit electronics, my vision is to offer the 3d printable models modified to accept electronics and all of them can accept the same package of electronics so I can point people to the specific items they need to make them and an easy tutorial on how to do it with those components perhaps with the option to expand it into a more complicated project with sounds boards etc. Honestly my head starts to spin, with all of the parts and options, and I haven't found a single resource yet that breaks it down very simply, it seems purposefully dense, so I appreciate the help, send me a message here, I'd love to pick your brain more!

These can't be assembled into an electronic saber with a blade, sounds, etc can they?

Not in the state they are in here. I have seen some people modify them to accept electronics, but it would require some re-modeling etc

I'm getting holes in the mesh for the middle and bottom section, using Slic3r.

Seem OK in Cura

I get unreasonably excited any time a new saber file pops on my feed and I see it's from you. Thank you greatly

Haha I'm happy you enjoy them!

When i first read this i read 'Ben Swolo' instead of ben solo, lol. But this is a very nice model and would make a fine addition to my collection.

You sir are a blessing to the world

Impressive. Most impressive...!

magnificent job, i have a friend that would love this, she actually has made a recent star wars fan film and could have used this as a prop, with permission of course. But great work on the modeling.