Woodpecker GRBL CNC machine PCB board enclosure/box

by Saur0n Feb 4, 2018
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What is the dimensions of the space where you put your laser module? I had a printed a different box previously, but now need the room to put in a PWM inverter for the laser I bought.

This was this type of modules, like in my article here: https://adrian.siemieniak.net/portal/engraving-cutting-5-5w-laser-description/ - I don't have it now, since I switched to 15W laser with different PWM controller build on top of the laser module.

Would you be willing to share a solid model of this design so it could be extended for a small breadboard?

Awesome design! Just printed and came out perfect. May I ask how you wired the kill switch? I see the wires going right next to the fan power, but I do not see any pins there, and I have the exact same board. Also, have you messed around with limit switches?

I don't know if I 'mess around' with limit switches - I just connected them :) Here is my tut on how to flash bootloader to woodpecker (https://adrian.siemieniak.net/portal/flashing-new-bootloader-to-woodpecker-cnc/). You can see on the picture, endstop connectors (Zen,Xen,Yen - 2 times each) and also panic/kill switch connector.

Great design. Is there any possibility to upload original CAD files, or make box model thicker?

Sure, you mean walls ticker or entire box "deeper"?

I mean thicker walls. Currently it's hard to print successfully

Wall thickness was parametrized in my project - so I hope everything will still fit. I've made it 1,4mm instead original 1,2mm. Anyway I had completely not problem with printing this walls (and most of my project has this thickness for walls).

great design, any files on what it seems to be a stop botton?

Sure, I just did not thought it will be usefull - since there is so many different sizes and shapes. I've uploaded it already - it's designed for 11mm panic button (11mm is a diameter of the screw on the neck of the button).

Awesome design, printing it right now.