SC8UU Minimal Bearing Carrier

by FredGenius Feb 4, 2018
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Great design, works well.

For the holder with the lug, on the newer ANET machines the lug needs to be top of the holder, not the bottom i.e. opposite side. Are you able to revise the design?

Thanks, glad you like.

Regarding the lug, not sure what you mean. Do you have any images?

Ahh, for the x axis! Sorry, I was thinking y. Yes, I can see the problem now, I'll modify the design and upload. Many thanks for bringing this to my attention!

I printed these for my A8 and my AM8. These are amazing! For my A8, I had other printed blocks but I eventually figured out they were hitting my front brace... This is why I stumbled upon these looking for options. Even though I wasn't running the stock blocks, I could tell these really helped lighten the bed over the other printed ones I was running. Grams matter! I then installed on my AM8 and quickly realized these would not trigger my Y endstop. I took it into Fusion and sliced and diced a wing that would trigger the endstop and all is well, The AM8 was actually running the stock blocks, so the performance upgrade on that printer with these blocks should be awesome!! I will post Make pics and a 'AM8 Wing' remix shortly.

Thanks! Always nice to get feedback, especially nice to get positive feedback!

I will amend the printing notes, suggest calibrating the extruder before printing, or reducing the extruded amount in the slicer if the first one is a bit tight.

The wing print was awesome by the way. I had originally printed your model on my AM8 and discovered the lack of Y endstop engagement during installation, so I had to use my A8 to print my wing version. My A8 was loaded with woodfill filament and I really didn't want to swap filament, so I rolled with it. :P We will just say that the woodfill filament isn't the best at bonding layers (unlike the eSun PLA+ which prints as strong as anything I've ever seen). Thus, I totally broke one side installing the bearing in the woodfill wing print, but a quick gluing with CA superglue and accelerator fixed that right up in about 5 seconds and the bearing snapped into place. I figure I am not unloading the bearing anytime soon soooo if I can get the bearing installed without cracking the holder (thus making a structural weak point), it's good to go.... :D When printed properly, and after the initial installation of the bearing, the holder does not put pressure on the bearing and, conversely, the bearing doesn't put pressure on the holder - so it should be perfect, until it isn't... haha! Great model! Thanks for sharing!

Good story, thanks!

Comments deleted.

I gave it a go - the first couple simply snapped. I printed it on its end to improve the bending ability of it. Unfortunately with the igus drylins I had, it actually compressed them, causing them to drag on the rod.

I really like this thing, I'm going to re-visit this in the near future. Is it possible to increase the internal diameter by 0.25 or 0.5mm at all?

I'm sorry you had trouble with this, I try hard to design things that work and I always test parts on my own machine before I upload them here.

You could try printing at a higher temperature, and with less cooling, that will help the layers bond better and the part will be less brittle. I printed mine with PLA at 190C, fan 25%.

I will make a modified version with a wider bore, but if you use Cura, set the horizontal expansion value to a negative value, try -0.1. That will make the insides of holes bigger.

I'll give it a try, I've got some more of them coming (the drylins). There's no issue with printing them vertical. No supports required, and it made the walls around the bearing that little bit more flexible (not prone to snapping). I printed mine at 205C, fan 50%. Infill was about 75% I think, or 70 I can't remember exactly.

It's a great design, there's nothing wrong with it. I reckon it will be the filament or the printer (and its settings) that is letting me down here.