IronMan Helmet Lifesize Scale

by MaximSachs Aug 2, 2012
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Can you please post some pictures of you wearing it with the mask open as I am having trouble getting the fit right with the hinge part and am not sure how it is meant to sit.

Thank you in advance. :)

Can some make this but with small part because i have a very small printer, my printer is literally as big as two samsung s7 edges side by side like the bed

Do you have any more pictures of your assembly with the part numbers written the mask before painting? the full model lacks the ability to be used as a guide as there are so many parts.

Sorry since I made it a few years ago I dont have any more pictures. But all the parts are distinct, so If you load the model, it is kind of like a puzzle. It does require some effort to figure it out.

I have a z18. how can i print the full mask with no parts to fuse or fit together. Id just like to print the Face mask and the helmet (2 pieces)

Hey, how did you connected the pieces, any advice? :D

Do all 50 or so .stl files have to be printed or just the matching versions?

Hi all files in the zip folder have to be printed.

HI, i´m confused. I don´t know in which order the Parts must be arranged. Can someone give me a advise?
I already printed Helm left, Part 1, ver.2.1-2.7.
2.1 to 2.4 should be next to another, but with 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7 i´m not sure.

Please help some german 3D printing Fans.

Hi, im really sorry, when I made the model I was still very new to 3d printing and designing in general, so the parts are named in a horrible way. Further I dont actually remember what part corresponds to which name, however I would recommend to look at the complete helmet stl and look for a part that you can recognize, and from there puzzle together what parts would fit next to it. The soldering lines in the pictures, might also help to recognize the shape and position of some parts.

Dude, this is exactly what i was searching!

Hi the full scale model that u made? How heavy is it? How much fillament did u use for it? Tnx

I dont remember it exactly but I think it was something around 1.6kg so in the 40 to 50 € range

Do you print this with or without support?
Great model BTW!

Hi, all parts are printable without support except the parts with the hinge attachment (the part of the hinge not attached to the face mask).

Are the new, optimized parts scaled down a bit compared to the previous version?

Hi, no everything is at the same original scale, for consistency. (This allows you to scale everything with the same factor.)

What did you use to stick the parts together?

Hi, are the pieces of the new version of the mask re-scaled or do I still need to scale down 5 to 15% when printing?

BTW, great model

Thanks! They are not scaled yet. I would recommend to scale it down.

good a question you could upload pieces already cut is I'm a bit of a novice and do not cut me a big favor arias greetings and thanks

Has any one tried this on cuibify abs ??? thanks

question! has anyone done this on a replicator 2? (a common question on thingiverse pages these days)

I have. However, I still need to test how much I need to scale it down, and I will post the pieces as soon as I can.

i think there are missing parts. On the right side of the helmet theres no pin to hook the mask. Theres one on the left side, but not on the right side

yes, theres lots of missing parts on the zip file, but i think that i can work around it. Will do a remix if i manage to make a complete set.

Hi I just checked again. In the zipfile offered here all the parts are contained except the front jaw part, which is uploaded separately.

What infill do you print these at?

May be a moot point now, but I found that 20% fill was prone to issues with cracking and delaminating. 30% fill seemed to resolve these issues for me.

Thanks for the model! Using the revised files (from the v2 zip), the front of the jaw seems to be missing - the square-ish part up front. It looks like it is the Largescale_jaw_part2 file that is missing.

Thank you very much for letting me know! It is now uploaded.

Hi everybody I updated all the files. Now they can be printed much more efficiently without support. Hope you like them!

Can you do war-machine? I can help you with the files (i practically have them all) I just need help editing the files.

:D well it would be possible to print almost anything. As long as you have the 3d models, you can print it.
(Although it would simply be to expensive to print too big things)

Also isn't the helmet of war machine the same as iron mans?

Hi, is there any chance you could post those optimized STLs you mentioned? Or are they already up somewhere?


Hi, yes they will be uploaded in time. Currently I have made a braek working on them because my printer is proken. I will continue the work as soon as I can print and check them.

Hi I finally finished working on the parts. Here you go.

Hi there,

Can you please post up some more detailed assembly pics? I am printing this atthe moment and it is impossible to puzzle together!!


:D haha jeah :D its a little difficult to put together. I would recommend you to start with the biggest piece of the jaw. And just search for the piece that has the same connection side.. It also helps a lot to download the assembled version of the helmet, or the blend file and look at how the different parts go together. After the jaw section I would recommend you to continue with the main helmet. Start with one of the ear pieces with the circle. Then add all the other pieces. I think they are easier to find cause they have a quite significant curvature. Also giving the pieces names while printing them helps in the assembly.

I have printed the whole thing and it turned out quite nice, but it is quite large when assembled.

Maybe you should decrease the size about 10-20%.

Hi wow that is great! Could you post some pictures?

I have noticed that sice issue, too after printing. I will put it into the description. Thx

Just uploaded the first real pictures of the project.  Mask is finished, jaw section about 70%. Unfortunately I don't have too much time and the parts take long to print.. so the next parts will probably take some time to be finished.

Hi I have uploaded some pictures of my printing status so far. Mask is finished, jaw section about 70%. Hope you like them!

Can you modify the large scale mask part 1 file so that the two curving pieces with the holes are oriented so they are laying flat on the XY plane? In the current orientation they aren't optimized for printing thanks!

You are right. While printing this project I also encountered several other unoptimized pieces. So I split a little more pieces and put every piece into a single file. I am now able to print the complete thing without using any support. I will upload zip file with the updated parts soon.

Thank you! I currently have 11 of the files already made (about 50 hours) and they are looking great..too bad it couldn't have been printed on the Replicator 2!

how do you split a model i have i sword i would like to enlarge and break into parts

I used blender and the boolean modifier, but as the other guys already mentioned, there are easyer ways out there, but I only know the blender one :D

There enough room in there for a servo or two :P. Now you just need to do the rest of his armour. Time to order some red ABS me thinks :D

Have you print the full scale model? If so, could you post pictures? I'd like to see how well it turned out before I try printing it myself! :) Great job on the model btw. Love it!

Can we see some pictures of one assembled? That would be great!

Nice work here!


Unfortunately I haven't had the time yet to completely print it out.
I am soon starting to study in another country, and I am currently on holidays, so my printer wont be running in the next couple of weeks, but this will be my #1 priority project as soon as I have more time.

This will fit on a makerbot? 10mmx10mm platform?

All the parts fit on a platform 11cm x 11cm and are with only one exeption less then 8 cm tall. These are the mimimum requirements for my split up. If your platform is smaller, you could scale down all the parts, and with that the finished helmet by 0.909. Then you will be able to print on a platform with sides of 10 cm. Or alternativley you could try to split up the complete helmet and mask yourself, so they better fit your printer, but I can tell you its a lot of work in Blender! :D

I think Solidworks has an integrated split up thing, but the software is not for free..

it seems to me like this should be fairly simple to do with any moddeling tools that knows how to do intersections.

As long as we don't care where the splits end up.... then I should be able to make an openscad script to do this kind of thing...

(though you'd have to manually iterrate to get all the parts so I'd add some (perl or phyton) scripts to take care of that)

I wonder how usefull that'd be though.

but I suppose the same concepts works ok for large 2d prints.