v30: v29 remix with source files

by Goury Feb 6, 2018
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where is the cadfile?

You can export a file using that web application I linked in the fifth paragraph of the description

Would it be possible to flatten the ceilings of the air intakes and outputs in order to make printing easier?

I'll try it at some point in the future.

I printed it and it worked perfectly - your idea of getting rid of the internal features to save material worked great, this only uses half as much plastic as the v29. However, it got me thinking - could it be shrunk and still retain the original functionality?

Well, I gave it a go and made a working, compact version that's 1/3rd the size and uses 40% less material. I've posted my remix here - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3431758 . Hope you like it!

P.S. Many thanks for posting your source files. I initially tried editing the v29 directly, but Fusion 360 chokes when you attempt direct mesh editing. Your .step file was a lifesaver.

v30 (v29) Whistle - Compact Edition
by LMF5000

Printed both this (v30) and the original v29. This might be louder, but regardless, it very clearly works much better at low volumes. This design has a whistling sound that starts smaller and scales up as you blow. I think this limitation is why people often say the v29 doesn't work--that other design only gives a whistle if you blow like crazy.

Thanks Goury for this great remix! Power to the People!

just for fun;

9000 decibels would create a black hole the size of a house, or even split the entire earth from the shockwave

edit redid the math and i was wrong; the size of the black hole would be bigger than the entire known universe

Good! Printing one now!

Not sure what kind of math you used to create a black hole without the mass required to make a black hole....

a kugleblitz is a black hole created from energy alone, 9000db would be more than enough to create one

V29 didn't work for me. This model is, as expected HOLY CRAP loud. Well done. Are the resonance chambers so similar in volume for a particular reason?

Probably to make it resonate better.
Joseph Zisa did initial testing and volume calculation (I don't know if he actually did any calculations or if he was just performing trial-and-error fest, I can't find anything about this design but thingiverse item).
I'm not an expert in acoustics, but it was clear for me that air intake is somewhat fucked up.
So I improved this flaw and we now have this version.

I tried altering chambers a bit, but anything other than this ratio sounds less loud.
Be it research or trial-and-error, sounds like Joseph did this part well.
Sadly, we don't know why and how.

You're the s**t! hehehe :)

Printed it in PLA (nozzle 0.4, layer 0.2, slic3r), but it makes almost no whistling sound, mostly the wind-like noise.

Blow harder or cut it open and see what is wrong with your print

How do i download the sources using your link?

There should be link to export files somewhere. It's on the tab under the document for registered users but if you are viewing it as anonymous it may be somewhere else (looks like they moving it lot).

I will add snapshot in every format available to the Thingiverse as well, but know that the most recent versions will be available on Onshape.

I refuse to share my source design files, too. They're my work and for anyone to demand them is ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is someone reverse engineering it and claiming it as your own design. SMDH.

...and pray tell where did YOU get the design? Don't even try to tell us that ANY whistle is your own completely original design because I will call you out as a bald faced liar... Whistles have existed for CENTURIES cupcake and there have been more types of housings than days you have been alive... the ONLY thing you can lay claim to is putting the design into a CAD program... oh wow... shall we form a line to worship at your feet now? The choice not to share your actual work output is your own and perfectly fine, the claim against "reverse engineering" is truly ludicrous and illustrates just how clueless you really are... you "reverse" engineered the whistle and wrapped it in a different housing... whoop-dee-do... get over yourself.

Taranach, I think you're a bit clueless to be honest. I am not claiming to have designed a whistle, dummy. See, I don't repackage someone else's design work and then claim it as my own original work.

He was speaking to Goury here. Honestly, I do think it was rude to copy jzisa's whistle. It just seems like some sort of spiteful move.

If I'm wrong about this, Goury is more than welcome to call me out on this one.

Zisa's whistle is licensed under CC-BY 3.0, so you're 400% wrong.
He just contributed flawed design to the community, I fixed some flaws. This is how it works.

My apologies.

I think it would help reduce arguments if you were a little less snappy in your replies though.

I'm not paid to be more or less snappy, so I'm as snappy as it feels.

You are just envious jerk.
Every thing you "designed" is based on someone else ideas.
Yet you not only claim the authorship, but you also restricting usage right for some cases.

No one demanded anything, people just asked.
To refuse the request is authors right.
I may not like this right, but regardless of my liking the right is there.

I claim my authorship on the model and on the CAD files because I made it.
I don't claim authorship of the design. I explicitly stated multiple times on whose idea this thing is based on.
As the idea was licensed on terms of CC-BY-3.0 license, I have every right to do what I done.

So GTFO your envious self with such complaints please.

your claim regarding my designs is ridiculous. I have no released source files for any of the remixes I have done. The rest of my designs are originals not copied like you. Stop copying other's ideas and making source CAD files available when the original author did not want that.

I will not reply to mentally challenged deception

...and you didn't post your CAD files either. Lol.

That would make it too easy to take your name off it, can't have that.

(Actually the real reason is I'm probably using a different CAD system to you so the files are the wrong format, and relatively few people want them anyway.)

I will not reply to lies

I wasn't a lie when I wrote that.

Not sure why you are being a dick, but go you. The way you are acting it's like the effort you expended was equal to climbing Mt Everest and building a tower to the moon, and we're not sufficiently impressed.

It's just a copy of whistle that your ego made you stamp your name on the side.

You only posted the .stl, same as the dude who you were complaining about.

You've edited the thing to include sources and updated the description. You should edit it a bit more to sound less whiny, especially the 'branding' guff.

Recreating this whistle in CAD isn't all that complicated, the curves make it look harder than it really is.

You have every fucking right to edit whatever you need by yourself.
I will not edit it for envious jerks.

It's physically impossible for this to be over 9000 db. At 194.1 decibels and above, sound waves are distorted and the pressure waves are better described as dangerous shock waves. At a few decibels higher than this eardrums rupture. Less than 10 decibels higher than this limit and the sound can literally kill you. It may be loud, but get real

My thoughts exactly.

It's old Internet meme, https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Over%209000

I haven't measured it yet, but compared to my measured 115dB horn it was very noticeably louder.
I felt it like 120-125, but I am not a measurement tool and the frequency is different, so it may be anything.

But my neighbor said he heard this whistle through all doors and windows closed in his bathroom while bathing in the shower.
And then he told me it was first thing in his life that he was able to hear while bathing in the shower.