Shoes Organizer 19x11cm

by JujuGG Feb 9, 2018
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Hey, I've tried it twice and always the same issue.
The Y support on the side always breaks around of 75% of the printing, and everything is lost from this moment...
I used the recommandations given in the description for the slicer. I liked the design but to much failed and cost to much compare to amazon price :p

I have had the same exact issue with my 2 prints. I made adjustments after the first print hoping to fix the problem but today again I came home to a broken support. More wasted filament unfortunately. Any help to fix this problem would be appreciated as I think this is a great design but needs a fix. Thanks!

Hello, you must have a wobble problem, or movement on the Z axis. But you can add brackets just to the side.
Good luck.

You just saved my relationship with my girlfriend by providing something that i can print for her that will make her shoes me all over every other sole person out there....and maybe consider tying the knot with me even! Thank you!

I did the math and discovered that, with the cheapest filament I can find, these still cost about twice as much (electricity included) to print as they do to purchase online... at least on my printer. But nonetheless, I love the design! Great work!

why should we print it on this position?

why not standing on the small front area?

my slicer says 40 mins less...

but all in all thank you! :)

Good idea.
Before, there is some parts to modify to avoid air print, and need to check if the strength of the top plate still correct. (when force come from the top, vertical lines will be less stronger than horizontal lines)

I don't really have the time to do that. If you have the time to do a remix... :)

There is other issues to fix :

  • The front area lift a little when a shoe is on the top plate. This can be fixed by pushing the leg at the end.
  • Too much plastics not really needed :
    • The small area
    • The bottom plate
    • The left and right support of the top plate

Great design!
just though usually you have more than one so maybe is it possible to make that each one could snap to other in that way creating some sort of shelve for shoes.

Sorry, I did not understand everything. That they fit into each other?

But....why didn't make the top as the bottom part, with square holes?

You're welcome. ;)

For multiples reasons :

  • Increase printing time. (bridges, travel, perimeters, wiping the nozzle when retracting for travel)
  • Require good slicer settings (If there is a little over extrusion, you will get stringing and oozing. And under extrusion, it will be poor bridging) and hardware. (fan to avoid poor bridging)
  • And I think it will be much less strong...

I prefer to put a model easy to print on thingiverse.

And personally, I prefer it like that.
It looks less cheap, more "premium" :)

But if you want, I have done it. (but never printed it)

See attached stl file
If you print it, please give me feedback :)

I think you just need a different shape of hole.

Shoes Organizer 19x11cm

ive printed this one. You definately need a printer with good bridging capabilities. Strength is ok, but it doesnt look quite well, because of the massive brigings and some stringing. The original with filled upper plate looks much better, the savings do not justify the lack of quality and the lesser strength ;)

Ok. Thanks for feedback ! :)