Lattice Structures - Mikrostrukturen

by drato Feb 9, 2018
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Wow! Very Nice Do you print without supports on form2? It looks like no.. how do you prevent it from failing? Do you ever have issues with adhesion?

I print it with supports only attached to the lowest elements to make it stick better to the platform, the structures wouldn’t need supports as they are all self supportive but the strands are so delicate that there isn’t enough area sticking to the platform so the lattices will easily drop if you don’t use supports.

What I did with my other lattice projects is attaching a custom made base to them.

Beautiful! My current printer isn't capable of this, but I hope to have a better one someday soon!

You can also print this with an FDM printer (I assume you have one of this type), the only thing you have to make sure is that the thickness of your structures is fitting the size of your printers nozzle. Take, for example, the lower left structure of my first image. It has thicker struts, most of these structures do not even need support structures.

I'm not sure what FDM is. I have a New Matter Mod-T.

Yep thats an FDM printer, FDM means Fused Deposition Modeling. The Formlabs Form2 is an SLA printer (Stereo Lithography Aparatus).

Both these names describe the tech thats behind the type of printer. FDM is using heated nozzles and spaghetti like material pushed through that nozzle to build structures layer by layer whereas SLA is using light to cure a light sensitive material like resin, Just to get you an overview.