Strong Ash Fridge Magnets

by ocieward Feb 9, 2018
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Whoops, sorry about that. I will fix the description. Thank you very much for the feedback.
Strange, I print form Octoprint as well and I don’t have any trouble with it timing out while doing M600 filament changes. I usually do that with one of my Prusas though, so perhaps their firmware has some sort of a “ping” feature to maintain communication with the Pi.
I also have an MPSM, but I don’t use it with octoprint.
I’m curious about the steel bed on your MPSM - did you glue some mags under the aluminum bed? Do they attempt to pull it down to the steel carriage?

The description indicates 0.25" thick magnets, but it actually designed for 0.125" magnets. That wasn't an issue for me, because I had ordered the thinner ones anyway, thinking 0.25" might be too strong.

I print on a steel sheet, so the magnet nicely snapped into place during the print. I used the Octoprint interface to decrease my feed to 50% and flow to 110% during the first layer on top of the magnet, and it covered it nicely.

I've never printed anything that I had to pause in the middle, so I ran into a couple issues to work through:

  1. Cura's line numbers are 1-based, and but the numbers in the exported G-Code are 0-based, so I was off by one my first attempt editing the file.

  2. Octoprint timed out and lost connection due to the M600 command. I modified an advanced setting in Octoprint to tell it to never timeout on "long running" commands like M600. After that it was able to wait for me to resume from my printer's control panel.

  3. My Monoprice Select Mini has some trouble re-priming the nozzle after resuming the print. I reduced the impact of this by manually pushing some filament through and cleaning the nozzle immediately before resuming.