CR-10 | CR-10S | BondTech BMG E3D V6 + EZABL Mount V2

by MP23Racing Feb 11, 2018
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dumb question here but am i missing the mount for the e3dv6? I've printed all the parts but not sure how the hot end is mounted

The mount assembly parts I designed are for the Bondtech extruder specifically. The E3DV6 actually goes inside of the Bondtech extruder first, and then can be assembled onto the mount with the stepper motor, fan, etc.

I want to try new designs... But mgn12h needs to be added to the carriage mounts

Yes, I want to try upgrading to the rails as the current CR-10 roller wheel bearing carriages are just too prone to slight misalignment. I've corrected using the RepRap firmware auto calibrations for my needs and seem to solve all those issues for now though. I've copied another person's design that remixed this mount with mgn12h rails in case you wanted to reference: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2870690

CR-10 | CR-10S | BondTech BMG E3D V6 + EZABL MGN12H
by Guzzi80

Could I safely assume this will work on a cr10 mini? Carriage looks exactly the same so I’m hoping so. Thanks

Hello, I unfortunately do not have a CR-10 mini and don't have any reference to measure, but I want to say they have the same carriage design. But I dont have a way to confirm for sure. Let me know if it works out for you so if others have the same question, we can confirm. Thanks for downloading!

Does it fits on the ender 3 ?

Hello, I don't believe the CR-10S and Ender 3 have the exact same carriage mount hole locations, but I can't confirm for sure as I don't own the Ender 3.

Really nice design - looking forward to trying it on my CR-10.

Only constructive criticism - any chance the tabs for the blower fan on the main carriage body could be a bit thicker? I printed mine in an ABS based filament, and both snapped off on the layer above the filleted base when I was removing supports from the screw holes. Both were solid, so I think an extra 0.5-1mm thickness on them should make them rock-solid

[Edit] Just looked at the STL in a cad program - the other option might be to remove the internal threading from the holes on those tabs and just use a bolt and nut to hold the blower on instead? Then the holes shouldn't make a slicer think they need support?

Hey Chompworks! Thanks for trying it out! And yes the tabs should be thicker. I believe someone remixed this design solely for that reason, but its an easy change.

I also agree again with the modeled threaded holes for those tabs. I actually made all these changes on another version I wanted to try for a different small project, but didn't upload. I can make those changes and upload probably today. Thank you for the feedback!

Great design would love to use this.

I assume this is for Bondtech BMG (Right Hand) yes, also the link you gave for the stepper motor states 2.9V in the description is that correct?


Thank you!

I believe it is the RH version, but I have placed the link of ther version I bought here:

And yes the stepper motor I have is the Nema17 1.8 deg 2.9V "pancake" motor:

Hey! Thanks for this design! Any chances for the same but without the ABL support?


Hello, I was not planning on making anymore changes for this model. Is there a particular reason you would like to have that section removed other than just speeding up print time and saving material? Or are you trying to replace this section to mount a different sensor?

Just not using ABL at all, I thought it would be more efficient: less print time, less material consumed, less weight, etc. :)

This is true, but I never liked manually leveling the bed so I wanted to at least have the option for people to use this with an inductive sensor of choice. I could definitely try and re-design for those that don't want to have sensor assisted leveling. Once I have some more free time, I may get back into other options for this mount. Thanks for your feedback!

did you have to rewire the new stepper motor?

You will have to wire the stepper motor depending on the one you buy. I had to follow the manufacturer wiring diagram which wasn't the same order as the original stepper motor. But it isn't difficult. If wired incorrectly, it will either spin the wrong direction or will not move at all which will be apparent pretty much immediately.

Hi, thank you for your effort, I'm going to print this.
I am still a newbie, I use Bltouch not EZABL, will it work the same or I have to modify something?
Is there room also for the Volcano addon for the V6?
Thank you!

Hello galvoo! As is, this design will not accommodate the BLTouch so it would need to be modified for it. I personally don't own the BLTouch, so I didn't want to make the CAD adjustments as I wouldn't be able to test the design. I believe there are remixes of my design where others have made this change for the BLTouch.

This design could technically work with the Volcano as the fan should be adjustable to angle toward it, but keep in mind the Volcano will add several millimeters offset to the Z-Height and the current probe position wouldn't work since it would raise it too high off the bed surface.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any issues finding a design for the BLTouch.

I think I'll have to remix a different design for Volcano+Bltouch then.
Thank you very much MP23Racing!

Of course, no problem man! Hopefully you can find a good solution!

Is it possible to make a version to mount a 40mm fan instead of a 5015 and also have the ABL mounted on the side for better visibility?

I don't think I will be making anymore modifications to this design as it works as I initially intended. I wanted to have the sensor as close to the nozzle as possible as it will decrease variation during the bed leveling and improve repeatability. Also, having the majority of larger mass items closer to the rail will decrease the vibrations in fast prints as CG of the assembly is more optimal. As far as the 40 mm blower fan, I don't own any of these type, but I can definitely upload the assembly files for you if you wanted a go at changing the design for it. Let me know, and I can add the files.

good companion, what would be possible to modify in some way to be able to add a second fan? I'm in love with the dual fan

Unfortunately, I don't see a way to integrate a 2nd fan in this design. The intention was using only one blower fan with a direct airflow to the nozzle which can be angle adjusted depending on slight tolerance variation. I haven't even gone above 50% myself with any material for cooling, so in my opinion, two blower fans would be overkill here. But if you would like to remix this design in some way, you definitely can! Let me know if you need anymore info!

Nice design!
Is it necessary to use another stepper motor?
There is no space to keep stock motor?

Thank you! And yes, this design will require a smaller length stepper motor than the stock one. I wouldn't get a motor that exceeds 25mm. I have attached a photo to show you the space left with the 24mm motor that I have installed.

Thanks for the updates!

Yea no problem!

Nice work! If this would mount on a mgn12h rail it would be the ultimate mount :D

Thanks! Once I get some more free time, I am going to have more upgrades available for this mount. I am actually in the process of installing a keenovo silicon heater and eventually a Duet Wifi control board. Many things to come.... I will look into other rail configurations too hopefully!

Ok would be Nice. I upgraded to a Duet wi-fi and 7” paneldue. Will Never look back :)

Hi, you dont made any adjustments in Marlin firmware regarding extruder or hotend? Thanks

Hello, you will need to make adjustments to re-position the auto bed level sensor if you are using one. I have listed this in the description and copied here too:

Marlin Firmware Settings for ABL Sensor Position
X_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 0 // X offset: -left +right [of the nozzle]
Y_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER -42 // Y offset: -front +behind [the nozzle]
Z_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 0 // Z offset: -below +above [the nozzle]

// Set the boundaries for probing (where the probe can reach).

You will also need to update your extruder steps per mm in the firmware. These instructions can also be found on the E3D wiki page. The Bondtech website will show how to adjust your E-Steps as well accurately. Let me know if this helps!

I'm installing your design now.. really nicely made. Everything is going well; but I was curious about the Blower. I seem to be struggling to get the tip above nozzle height, but not be almost touching the heat block of the e3v6. I will mess a bit more and may do some filing/sanding if needed. So far looking good though.. I also must get a Pancake Nema 17.. stock is to big.

I figured out that you had the heater/thermistor coming from the other side.. swapping these lets the "long end" point away from the cooler. Now just chilling while the pancake nema gets here.. thanks again for making this.

Awesome! Glad you figured it out. I will update my notes for orientation of the heat block. Thanks for your feedback!

Hey, thank you for trying this mount out!

I had a feeling the blower fan duct would be something that could be an issue depending on the brand of fan used. This could be the problem for you. I tried making this mount adjustable to a point that if you angle it, it should allow adequate space to prevent clashing against the bed or angled toward the heat block instead of the nozzle tip.

As a reference, I have put the link of the blower fan that I am using in case you wanted to try this instead. Otherwise, let me know what changes you make and maybe I can implement in another duct design.

Also, you are correct, this mount is designed for a smaller stepper motor or else it will clash with the X-Axis bracket at the end.

50mm x 15mm Blower Fans

Quite impressive piece of Engineering! I'm still pondering where I'm taking my CR-10S, and expect to go E3D (or clone), but hadn't decided on Extruder.

This makes me consider the Bondtech seriously. Thanks!!

What kind of airflow do you get on the nozzle? I experienced major back blow running radial on my Monoprice Select v2.1, tried a number of different Fangs, even remixed one in Fusion but ended up going 50mm Axial with high Static Pressure ...


Thank you! I went from stock to the Titan Aero, to the Bondtech and haven't looked back. Honestly stock is very good once everything is level. But I want to be able to expand the range of the CR-10S and eventually be able to print Polycarbonate. I'm upgrading to the PT100 sensor soon, and will see how this goes.

As for the fan duct, I didn't perform any type of CFD on it. Since it was a first prototype, I just decided to decrease the amount of distance from the 50mm blower fan to the nozzle as much as possible with the ability of angle adjustment to get the flow just right. The spec of the fan I have didn't show CFM, but I believe it's between 4-5. But I can tell you that I have getting amazing airflow with this current design. Before, I always needed 100% fan speed, but now, much more precision is needed depending on my layer heights and axis speeds. I have attached an image of a 10 mm cube with 0.08mm layer height that was printed at 40 mm/s @ around 220°C with PLA. Never had a part come out with barely any visible layer lines, and I can definitely say the cooling was the last piece to figure out.