AnyCubic i3 MEGA Y-Tensioner

by ltlowe Feb 11, 2018
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This works GREAT!!! Thank you so much!!

i think you need to re edit your details and put this in !!

you need to print this in ABS .. as pla would no where near be strong enough ...i've printed countless spool holders in pla and they have all broke after around 3 months of holding the weight of each spool .. .. i've resorted back to the original spool holders from anycubic now as i have yet to find a spool holder to last!! ...
i think things like this should be mentioned that printing items which either hold weight or take the strain of anything should be printed using ABS not PLA as a noob such as myself would print this and not realise till it ruins a long print or breaks the printer ..

The one on my printer is PLA and has been fine. I probably used a high infill density, but I see I didn't note print settings when I published this so can't say how high. I'd guess 50% or more.

I have found that printing at incorrect temperatures can cause inter-layer fusion problem, and yes PLA is weaker than ABS, but that doesn't mean this tensioner cannot be successful in PLA.

If I can find my settings or gcode file to get them from, I'll update the post with them.

Your comment has also made me go check mine and there are cracks forming in the cross-braces. I'll create a version with a solid base and post it as well.

Thanks a lot for updating your files a year after the first version. I'm printing mine as we speak

Thank you - for saving me hours of searching - I'll check it out!

I thought my Y drive belt was loose, and might give me trouble some day. Found your thing, finished it and installed it this A.M. Working perfectly(printing another project - coin sorter). Only problem was the recesses for bolt hex heads a little small, otherwise, everything went together perfectly. I avoided the temptation to make the belt too tight, didn't want to over-stress the stepper....Now thinking about the X drive belt....

Hi, found one x tensioner on thinginverse. works perfectly !Just take a note about bolts on it.

When was it posted, and under what description? I have difficulty finding older postings, usually end up going thru thousands of postings with no result....

checkout https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2684328

Really good thing. Works well on my MEGA

Anycubic i3 Mega X Belt Tensioner Mod
by mdmiko

Has anyone experienced problems with over tightening the belt and bending the pulley in the back at the stepper motor?

Has anyone experienced problems with over tightening the belt and bending the pulley in the back at the stepper motor?

Yes, my belt is so tight, that the pulley was not straight anymore, which caused the belt to rub against the top of the pulley.
So I bought a new 20mm screw and bent it into the opposite direction, now the pulley axis is straight under the belt tension and the belt runs centered around the pulley.

Printed and installed belt tensioner to my Anycubic i3, It works great, I filed dowm a m5 x 20 acs down to 18mm long
Everything fitted perfectly.
Thanks for your effort.

Glad you like it and thanks for posting.

... great job, works perfect.

Doesn't fit perfectly for me. It's too high. Not level with the belt holder attached to the bed.

I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean the pulley in my carrier is at a different height than before, or that it sits higher than it does on the stepper? It does raise the front of the belt slightly, but in my case the factory idler was too low.

Lots of people have had success with this design. I wonder if perhaps AnyCubic has changed their design again?

Fits perfectly, thanks!

hey there, considering printing this but wanted to ask a thing first. Is there a significant upgrade to your print result after applying the tensioner?

It did help my print quality, but how much it helps will depend on how tight your belt is currently.

For me a much larger issue is that the original way the front idler pulley is held in place is only really secured on one side of the pulley (the bottom where it screws into the sheet metal.) This allows tension in the belt to pull it so it's kind of leaning - the top of the pulley closer to the rear than the bottom. When this happens the belt no longer runs true in the pulley, and in my case destroyed the bearings in two pulleys before I designed this. I haven't had a problem with the pulley or bearings since, and the adjustment nut lets me tighten the belt easily whenever the belt seems a little loose.

sounds reasonable :) thank you very much.
I think I'll give it a try

Just printed these and installed them this morning. Everything works perfect for me but a 30mm bolt was a bit short for my belt length. It still worked ok but it would have been nice to have an extra 3-5mm of length. Very happy with how its working now! Great modifications to a already great design.

Glad you like it.
Looking at my install again, I am using a 35mm bolt and it is about 7mm past the nut when tight. I loosened it so the pulley was at the original location and I can see that 30 would be very tight. I'll add a note to the description.

the original bolt worked fine for me.

I just finished installing this on my printer. No picture yet.

It works great ,helped with the finish on my parts.

Glad you like it.

What size bolt did you end up with on the pulley. I had hoped the fatcory m5x16 would work, but it barely catches one thread so I suspect it doesn't work for a lot of people. I recommended 18mm as the best fit but that's not an easy to get size so I've been thinking about modifying the pulley carrier so an m5x20 would work without scraping.

I used a hacksaw and a bench grinder to make a proper length bolt for the idler pulley. The bolt head is up, the nut is pressed into the lower arm of the pulley carrier, so it (the nut) isn't going to fall out even when the bolt is removed, never mind getting loose.