Heart-Shaped Love Trap

by A_Vegas_Savage Feb 11, 2018
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At first glance, it reminded me of a bear trap (which is oddly appropriate) :)

That was definitely the intent - and, yes, oddly appropriate.

This is AWESOME! I am printing one right now for my students to see today!

So glad you like it. Honored that you're showing it to students!

It looks amazing. If you do get a chance to make it move please let me know so I can print it!

Great print - it looks fantastic! I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on any new developments with a functional trap.

TRAP! Improved Springs Stronger and No Support

Thanks for the links! I've been looking at how spring traps work to get ready for the next iteration. It will take a little longer to model than the static version, but should be fun.

Outstanding summary. Breath of fresh air in this place. Well done sir.
I suspect these are popular this time of year at the Spearmint Rhino.

Funny! Maybe I should print a few and use them for tips...

OMG that is brilliant! Love the write-up!

Thank you! Have fun with it.

The trap is not functional, it is simply decorative

boooooooooo :-)

Maybe version 2.0 will feature a working mechanism...

Yes yes yes yes yes yes

I am going to print this next on the resin printer!

Awesome! I'd love to see a resin print of this design.

I just took a look at your print. Phenomenal! The detail is stunning.

Make one that works and I'll print it :-)

If not tonight in the morning :-)

There needs to be a way to vote "best description on thingiverse"

Thank you, Evilsway! I had an all-around creative weekend and seeing some of the reactions has been a blast. Your comment made my night.

That's but and smart ! well done very creative.

does it close if you press the center?

No, it's not a functional trap, just decoration. Maybe I'll make a version for next year that closes.

love it the description is priceless General Akbar indeed

Thank you! I had almost as much fun writing the description as I had designing the piece.