White Ranger Dino Morpher

by Fidofetch Feb 11, 2018
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Does it actually work? minus the sounds of course.

File sizes come up small. Can you give me the correct sizing and scale so I can adjust?

I'm not sure the sizing, I've never actually seen one in real life, it's based off of pictures online. The one I printed is about 9-10 inches long.

This helps thank you

any chance you have a version of it all together so i can just print one piece instead of multiple pieces?

did you finish making the things yet?, sorry if i'm rushing you i really want to print it

i would be interested in the tyranno staff also

i really need it as soon as possible and the height is 67 inches including the t-rex head on it and it needs to fit the height of a 240mm print height, so could you do it in pieces so when i print out all the pieces it will reach 67 inches and the size of the width/radius of the full handle is 2 inches, i would really appreciate it if you could have it done by the end of the week and again i really appreciate it that your doing this for me, other designers just ignored me. but thank you, if you have any questions just ask me. thanks again

hey i know i asked your for the red ranger morpher, but you think you can do me the biggest favor and make the red rangers tyranno staff and cut it into pieces so i can print it, please please please, i need this also for my costume, i left a picture so you can see it and try to model it. PLEASE, i love your models and i need this. hope you can do it

please reply back

How tall? And when would you need it by.

can you please make the red ranger dino thunder morpher because im doing a red ranger dino thunder cosplay for halloween, please please please make it

I can certainly try, I have a few projects in the works right now, but if it doesn't get to complicated I could have it up by this weekend.

thank you so much, i would have bought the toy but its like $50-$60 on ebay so i rather just 3d print it, thanks and dont worry it would be awesome if you could have it uploaded by the end of the week but take your time, i rather have a great prop in stead of a rushed one, thank you