Little MasterSpool

by dasfilament_de Feb 12, 2018
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This MasterSpool was too small for Fiberlogy REFILL filament so I remixed it. I extended the columns by 3mm and now it is much easier to lock the spool with click mechanism :)

Little MasterSpool Extended
by szerwi

Would it be possible to get an edited version of part1: more notches on the three sticks, so we can use several times a part2 to be able to hold several small amounts (rests or samples) on one 'multispool'?

It is intended to what inner diameter refill size? 102mm like the original MasterSpool?

Yes, its has the same inner diameter as the original Richrap MasterSpool

Yes, its has the same inner diameter as the original Richrap MasterSpool

Danke, kleine Änderung aber funktioniert gut! :)

Super Idee von euch, nicht nur wirtschaftlich gesehen sondern auch der sicherlich vordergruendige Umweltgedanke ;)

Leider kann mein Dremel Drucker maximal 150 mm im Umfang drucken und so kann ich an der Refill - Idee nicht partizipieren.

Hi ltcdrdata, inzwischen gibt es eine Menge Varianten, die auch aus mehreren Teilen bestehen. Zudem bieten wir nun auch gedruckte Masterspools mit im Shop an =)

Ingenious idea with the new inner holes to lock the two parts in place!
Upgraded my older versions with a 2mm drill and works like a charm.
And good filament you have btw.!

Could you upload this model also as a step? I would like to modify a few things and dont want to go through the hassle of rebuilding it from scratch and the STL can not be imported to edit without much hassle either.

I'm looking to print this model, but could I get size dimensions? L x W x H? I'm looking to utilize this spool design to design a filament dry box that would be stack-able. Thanks

outer arm diameter is 206 mm
height is 62 mm


I had some accidents with this design. It looks like the weight of the filament pushed the connectors down a bit and the printers vibrations caused them to get loose which resulted in a little mess... :)
Could you please add something like a locking ring that one can put into the three open slots to cover the free space?
Maybe this could also be used for stacking - just add a little square on each leg on the opposing side.

Anyways, thanks a lot for the spool and of course for the refill filamant!

Hi ManniGfaltig,
thanks for sharing your experience and sorry that you got problems. We will create a kind of secure clip to prevent self opening.

I think a small clip like this would do the trick, it's just an idea, that continues on the minimal filament usage. Could be more rounded to permit easy removal, but as long as it holds on it's own in there it will secure the spool.


thank you for the design and your support of the concept by selling filament without spool (just got my order yesterday). Just want to +1 a version with secure clip. Although my printed spool seems to be tight it is never wrong to have a second safety measure.

Bei der "grossen" Masterspool gibt es ja Löcher zum sichern des inneren Filamentendes, bleibt es bei diesem Design einfach lose?

Comments deleted.

I really like this design, but you should add a few holes to affix the inner end of the filament roll to the spool.

Thank you for posting this. I REALLY want to start useing your master spool filiment but my print bed is JUST too small. Looking forward to being able to reduce waste !

Could you make the inner ring inset so that the spool is stackable with more space efficiency?

Ich denke er wäre cool wenn der innere Ring im 45 grad winkel nach 'oben' versetzt wäre, so das man beim übernanderstapeln mehrerer "Little MasterSpool"s nur 'einmal' die dicke von den äußeren streben hat.

Ich zeichne ein Bild falls meine Worte es nicht hinreichend erklärt haben. :)

Ich denke wenn man so ein Ding mit der Menge an Filament gedruckt bekommt die man extra bekommt weil man Refill kauft wird das ganze zu einem kompletten Selbstläufer.

Für das Abrollen auf üblichen Filament-Haltern wäre es vlt. auch günstig wenn man die Auflagefläche Möglichst gering hält, also in diesem falle die inneren Ringe zur Mitte spitz~ish oder rund zulaufen lassen.

Also ich habe nicht verstanden wie du das genau meinst mit dem versetzten inneren Ring

In etwa so, müsste dann für dann mit ein wenig support gedruckt werden.

Hi dominik,

thanks for your idea. Sure your idea will be great for stacking spools, but there are also some disadvantages:

  • support material is needed to print it.
  • spool holders like on the mk2 (with two arms) will make problems , because the spool can get stuck with the side rims easier
  • If you have a spool holder with one axle for more spools they also can get stuck into each other.

I thought of a quick fix for this and remixed the current design. Essentially I cut a triangular groove in part 1 (3mm base and 40 degree angles). Then I added a triangular feature on part 2 (2.7mm base and 38 degree angles) and removed the nubs you had and the end of the spokes to allow the part to sit flat on the build plate. This should avoid any need for support material as well as issues with spool holders. I haven't tried the design, but I think it is a good concept at least.


Stackable Little MasterSpool