Tomb (Ruined and Intact) - 28mm gaming

by ecaroth Feb 13, 2018
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These are sick and have been added to my permanent collection. Do you know where the miniature came from by chance?

It's the "Human Warrior" from Nolzuer's

I found that these files have some weird internal cavities in them (probably a function of the CAD design process) that cause the slicer to miss-print some layers, which fouls the whole print. This was printed on a Prusa Mk3. I'll post a photo what I mean.

Its a shame, I really wanted to lay these down on my tabletop. They are beautiful 3D models, just inelegantly designed-for-3D-printing models.

Has anyone else had any issue with them? What settings or corrections did you use to get these to work?

Were there any other problems with other models in the KickStarter set?

Shiaic1 - These models were made in a hurry, are a mashup of over 10 other Thingiverse items, and have been successfully printed by many people (as seen from the Make on this Thing). Apologies if you are having issues. Which slicer are you using? - I used CURA with absolutely no issues for these when I designed them. There's lots of things you can do to remedy things if you have issues w/ your particular slicer. You can try opening the file in Meshmixer and use their Edit -> Make Solid option, with solid accuracy turned way up. Many slicers have mesh correction functionality as well. This, and a few other tricks (such as the 3d toolbox in blender, or netfabb repair) are essential to learn as a 3d printer enthusiast, regardless of the models you are using.

Not sure what you mean by "Were there any other problems with other models in the KickStarter set?" - I (EC3D) have a kickstarter running currently, and have been designing 3d models for print with hundreds of customers and no printing issues reported with my premium models to date

Great design. I made one for my Castlevania figures. I shared a pick in you "Made" section. Thank you.

Beautiful models. Thank you for sharing them!

Thanks, I will try these. The other files have weird internal cavities in them that cause the slicer to miss a layer, which creates a mess. I attempted to print the original it on a Prusa Mk3. I'll give these amended files a go and let you know.

What slicer are you using? I had no issues w/ these on CURA

slic3r prusa edition. Definitely has issues with the original version of this model. First layer prints as only about 5 dots for me, then skips to second layer and fails to lay anything down due to being too high off the build surface.

Thank you for these. i was having a tough time getting these to print.

Odd - they all were run through Netfabb as a final step and I had no issues.

Thanks, ecaroth! Nice thing to do...and a nice model.

Fantastic, I will print these for sure!

Thanks! Design these to go in the graveyard of my ruined village full of your Ulvheim houses, so thanks for the inspiration! (and some of the raw design I used for the walls and rubble!)