by spu Feb 13, 2018
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Most of the files crash my Cura program. Could you fix it, please?

Thanks for your comment.
If it is the gcode files, they are not compatible with your system. Please use the stl files to slice yourself.
If it is the stl files, use a stronger computer. They are high resolution and that needs processing power.
If you tried that and it still does not work, please contact me again!

Greetings from Austria!

I'm using a Lulzbot TAZ 6 and a GTX 1080 Ti. The problems are the stl files. When I try to edit some settings, it crashs. The same happens with some stl files (trying to open them)

Im sorry to hear that.
I just redownloaded the biggest file (body.obj) and sliced to to make sure. It really does crash the standalone cura.
I use the cura plugin inrepetier host. It works fine there. Maybe give it a try? Its free.
The files are so large because it is exported from Meshmixer.

Has repetier the settings for the Lulzbot? I have been searching for them and I do not find them. There's a way to use this model on Cura?

I you just need to enter the parameters. I built my printer myself so I have no experience with using presets. I entered the settings manually.
There definitely is a way to use the standalone cura. I can convert the files to lower resolution for you (with will not noticeably effect the print) and send them to you if you are definitely going to print it.
Please let me know!

I have printed the legs (after a lot of errors in cura xD). Could you upload the lower resolution files? How much lower are they? Thank you so much :D

I updated all the files! They work now no problem with cura, I have tested it.
You can download them in the "Thing Files" I removed the old files. The new ones have a _new attached at the end.
Please let me know if it worked, and also PLEASE share a make as a thank you where you are done printing.
Do not forget to scale it up!!

Yeah! They work very well. I have tested them and I could print the body without problems. I'll upload the entire figure when I ended to print all parts. Thank you so much!

hey! how is the print going?

Hi! I posted a comment but it didn't work lel. I have printed all the parts and I would like to ask you what glue you used to stick them
Thanks for the new files!

5 min Epoxy. Use what you can get locally. I used this:

Hi! I will upload them as soon as I get home. I will then also inform you here :3
The I found a way to reduce the filesize in Meshmixer by 70% without loosing print quality. I will edit all the files that way.
Please remember to scale each part of the model up by the same factor in cura (min. 4 times) otherwise the details will ne very poor quality.

Hi, excelent model and adaptation for 3dprinting. What is the total height of the model? unscaled.

Hi! The total height is ~50mm. It is quite small. Not printable I think. I scaled it 4 times. (Every part in my slicing software.) That makes it ~20cm in height. The details come out quite nicely but 5 times will be even better.
Have a nice day!
Please excuse my English, I am a German speaker.

If you want to know anything or need help, just comment!