Anycubic i3 Mega Tool Rig

by mjuddi Feb 14, 2018
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how lond does it takes to print? I am getting 4h and 42 min?

One great alternative is https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3602974. Basically, no "lips" on the sides that makes it nice. As he recommended, I would also increase the slot for the scraper but it works fine as is.

@simsdu46: tu peux utiliser les vis d'origine.

Tool Rig Holder for Anycubic i3 Mega

Bonjour tout le monde,faut-il des vis plus longue pour le fixer ou Peut-on faire avec celles d'origines ?merci

Yes, Anycubic Mega S upgrade would be great!

Awesome idea! I just printed this and it came out great, but unfortunately it does not fit my Anycubic i3 Mega-S. Either they have changed the size of the bar since this was originally created, or maybe the Mega-S has a slightly larger bar?

Sadly I am unable to get it to fit across the top :(

Any chance you could upload a version that works for the i3 Mega-S? The width for the bar is 51.6mm

I've uploaded a couple pics showing the size differences.

realy nice thing! the first print with support was perfect. but after i put it from the heatbed and hold it on the frame, now i saw, that it´s for the left side :/
i tried to change it in fusion but it didn´t work -.- neewbe...
is it possible to upload a mirrored version of it for the right side? that would be great :)
thanks a lot

is there a way you could make a line fron the screw holes to the right side? that way you only slightly unscrew the screws and pull it out and put it back like that for when you're putting the printer on it's side! if you want i'd be glad to do it if you give me the files as long as it's mad ein fusion 360 or compatible!

I have been using this for around a month and it's been getting annoyed when I want to mess with something :P

There are 2 different screw sizes and i forget the Order of these screws... can someone help me an say in which hole If have to put the bigger screw?

I want to print this but i'm worried all that rattling and shaking is gonna make more noise :D

No worries, there isnt really any rattling. With the older model I could sometimes hear the wrenches rattle against each other, but if you print the "2019" version I made the gap between them a little bit bigger and therefore there shouldn't be any rattling :)

^_^ then I'll get printing!

Printed this with Cura, no supports. a little messy under the overhang but still usable.

Anycubic i3 Mega Tool Rig
by liege

Worked perfectly without supports thanks for this keeps all my stuff off of the floor haha

Printed and fits perfectly out of the box. Thank you!

Thanks for this great little tool holder. I too had the issues with the screwdriver area showing corrupted and not slicing correctly in Cura. I played around with the file and corrected the hole issue (at least it worked for me). I tried printing without supports which did work except it got a little rough on the underside flat area that mates to the top surface of the printer. Next time I'd use supports. The part is still functional though and works great. Thanks again for posting this little gem. I included my .stl file for those that want to try it.

Can you upload a file without the screwdriver holes?
I dont need them and can fill the holes because the file is corrupted (see screenshot)

Nice one! But you don't actually need to unscrew the small bolts to attach this tool rig. Just make the bolt holes a bit wider from the bottom and the rig will sit on top of your printer firmly (and can be easily removed if necessary) with the bolt heads holding it in place. The bolts that are supposed to hold this rig must be very tightly screwed to prevent Z axis from vibration. So better not to unscrew them at all.

Btw, I actually printed the mirrored model, so that I could install the rig on the right side of the printer.

Отличная работа! Подошла идеально, под отвертку просверлил отверстие. Спасибо, mjuddi!

Actually with some changes to the way we put things, it is quite enough though I think we can include one slot for the card reader too. :) Nice job mjuddi!

Missing a slot for the Screwdriver. (Although it is displayed on the pictures)
Also it made my Z-Axis really loud.

Comments deleted.

Works great. Fits perfectly.

Thanks a lot!!!

Thank's a lot for the fine Model. Feedback: Just fine but without the screwdriver holes with the original File, cura 3.4.1 and deaktivated "Union Overlapping Volumes" option under "Mesh Fixes". Does't fixed yet with the original file, I doesn't prove that with the manifold Version.

Thanks, this is great for keeping things organized! :)

Only minor issue - after slicing and printing the non-manifold version in cura, it printed without the screwdriver holes for some reason?

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Nice i will print it
So i wont lose any of the things for the printer
Great done!!!

Great tool holder, I like it so much I wish there was another one just like it for the other side that just held my extra pliers.

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What is the difference between non manifold and the original? Thanks :)

Hey, someone couldn't slice the original, so I went into the document and saw that there were some manifold errors so I made a fixed version. I personally printed the original one and it worked perfectly so both should work

Thank you for your fast answer :) I will print it soon and post it as a made one :D Nice Work!

Great job! I am delighted with the result. It is a pity that you have not yet made the version for the right side. I intend to put the printer in a box and it would be perfect if it were on that side to occupy less space, since the filament holder is on that side too.

Thank you for your effort :)

If you want one for the right side just use the mirror tool from whatever software you use to print, that will work!

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Hello @mjuddi

Nice design thanks

As others commented my printed version also no hole for screwdrivers :(

hey, thanks! Hmm, do you remember which file you printed? original or fixed? gonna look into it

Comments deleted.

i just noticed that this thing actually has two hole for screwdrivers, but they get sealed when printing supports.

I also have this issue, no matter if sliced in an older version of cura or in octoprint. The screwedriver holes do not appear.

I have a problem with this model in Cura 3.2.1 when using the settings you recommended: In layer view and on the object also it won't print the holder for the two small screw drivers. Depending on the angle it shows small blue circles but no holes...
It's probably a setting in Cura and not the model but can you help me?

For everyone using Cura and not getting the screwdriver holes, try deselecting the "Union Overlapping Volumes" option under "Mesh Fixes".

Tried this in Cura 3.03 but Union Overlapping Volumes is already unchecked, this is my third print so it very well could be a user error on my end.

Also had the same problem. At least in Curas Layer View, the problem is fixed. Thanks for the advice!

I also had the same problem and this fixed it for me, thank you!

Hey, this will be my first print on this printer after the stock owls. Can you tell me what the difference in files are? Original vs non-manifold?

Cool! Enjoy the i3 Mega, it's fun :)

There isn't a whole lot of difference. I first created the original and printed it (and that's the one I'm using today) - then some guy complained that the model couldn't be sliced in his slicing software, so I decided to take another look at the model, found the errors he was talking about and fixed them. Non-manifold is completely error free and should fly through any slicer, the original has some errors but it was no problem for me to print that model so I decided to leave it in as well.

Thanks! I started with the Original but forgot to add supports. Went ahead and fired up the non-manifold file and printed no problems. Working great!! Thank you!

Hi, your tool holder is the best for me, but i put my printer into a box and i need to set your tool holder on the right side, so can you change it to fit the right side please.

Thanks mate, good idea.. have thought about it myself before, but too lazy.. now Im moving houses and it might be good to have both options.. will get on it soon :)

Great !Thank you a lot, i already print other model fit for the right side...it's really not as good as yours...i hope you can update it fast !!

Hello. Nice work. If you don't mind, please check the attachment again. Found a flaw in Cura's surface course. Greetings Jürgen

Hi. Unfortunately, the STL file has errors. Best regards, Juergen

Thanks for pointing it out, I'm gonna look into it and upload a better version :)