Tarango FPV controller

by Dropoff510 Feb 15, 2018
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I dont know how big a fan I am of the form factor personally but as far as a one man project you have accomplished more than Frsky, Flysky, Spektrum and futaba when it comes to transmitter design... This is an incredible feat for anyone and despite my misgivings about the form factor I may buy a new QX7 just to make one of these..... Oh man what if you could use an overclocked raspberry pi to play a sim on the screen when you werent out flying.. so many possibilities.. Thanks so much for this man, even if i dont make it it is still very inspiring and honestly and incredible feat of engineering..

Such a marvellous design, great work! You think there's any chance to share the source files? I would love to make one, but without the TFT and recorder (I don't have one). With the source files it would not be a lot of hassle to make an alternative.

Noob question. By putting in the work and DIYing something like this do you end up saving money vs buying something ready?

Lol. Um probably not. But the goal wasn't to make something more economical, but to have something exactly to what I wanted.

Would have loved to print this, but its juust a tad to large for a 235x235mm buildplate :(

Such an amazing build! I am printing now and will try to get one together over the next month or so.

Would be really cool to try and fit a Dock-King in there with an HDMI out to use Avagant Glyph or other HDMI goggles.

That’s slick @BlinkFPV . Anyway you can do a smaller version? Just a few mm around the module bay, then I could just cut a hole in the back of mine.

It's not necessary, it's just a press/glue fit in the original Crossfire back panel ;)

Working on a Module Bay version for Crossfire MicroTX and others modules ;)

Blink, you can cut the model to your desired size with your slicing software. @dropoff510, I’m almost done with mine I have another question, do we have to charge the controller with a wall charger that specifies “lipo charger” or any like low amp 9v-12v charger? Thanks

Could u please provide us a "splitted" versions of the front/back covers? So we can print it on a 200x200 printer :) Thanks!

Okay thank you, was just worried I had purchased an incorrect screen.

Hey dropoff510, so you powered the screen that you linked from a 5V regulator? It says it needs 12V. Trying to figure how to power everything.

Yeah the screen does say it runs off 12 volts. But the screen actually has a regulator that brings it down to 5 volts. So in the build video it is explained where to wire up the screen About 4 min into the video.

Anybody made a version with no FPV? Just a regular taranis alternate case but slimmer? :D

Agree! Anybody? :) (also more common have a 20x20cm printer)

I love this radio, it’s perfect imo. I was wondering if the module bay was still accessible? Can I still swap jr modules? Also wondering if it would be easy to add a video out to connect to goggles if need be. Thanks. I intend on building this, already ordering parts.

Hey cool. Hope the build goes well. But there isn't a module bay with this. The crossfire is just stuck to the center plate. And a video out wouldn't be to hard to do. Just branch off out of the video Rx

Hey man awesome design.wish I was electronically talented or knowledgeable to the point of programming and understanding components on a diode,ldo and what chip does what and why and what it leads to does this within a circuit board type level as i have so many awesome ideas amd chamges to make stuff awesome in my head that are completpy possible just no skill to execute it. Wondering ,any chance the fpv audio from dvr /live could be played from tarania speaker,or rather the 35mm kicker comp woofer that id mod into it?

Can you modify it to include the trim switches? I fly a lot of wings and would love to have the trim switches available.

Sorry no I won't be able to. The way I designed it there's really very little extra room. Especially between the gimbal and the lcd. And I'm not going to redesign the whole thing to get trim switches. But if you can make them fit some how. Go for it.

This is awesome! Do you think it would be possible for me to mod it so that I just have the qx7 in there with a fpv system? With no crossfire? could I extend the module bay pins so I can still access them? Thanks.

Thanks, yeah i just uploaded an stl for a back panel with no crossfire opening. have fun building it.

Thanks! How did you disconnect the screen from the trud and then re-wire it? also, I only see 4 switches... Did you get rid of the other two or put them somewhere else? also what about pots and trims? would it be possible to edit to include trims? Thanks alot. This is a truly amazing project.

So I just removed the switches I didn’t want and the trims, I only really fly mini quads so I don’t need trim buttons. You can still set switches in sub menus.

Cool. I Just watched your build video, its really cool! I dont have access to the video right now, so could you tell me- Did you keep the 3 position switches only or did you use a mix? If a mix, What did you use? Is the switch hole big enough for the 2 position switch? Thanks, and sorry for all the questions!

Yeah I kept the 3 position switches. They are the same size hole and mounting as the 2 position.

Hi there. Have you watched my build video I think that will answer your question

Very interesting project :D

I have an Irangex Ir8m multiprotocol tx but it feels a little 'clunky' and its layout is not exactly optimal for FPV use so something like this may make a suitable base to modify.

some minor mods that i will attempt ( and fail miserably lol )

change the FPV screen to a clam shell/ fold out /hinged /angled version to help with sun glare etc. Which will mean moving the Transmitter menu screen/buttons to the centre. This will protect both screens when not in use and reduce the size. Similar to this but obviously smaller lol (http://cdn.ubergizmo.com/photos/2010/4/nintendo-3ds-big-thing3.jpg )

add a 3.5mm jack to vid out to my goggles

Maybe add an SMA connector to attach to an external antenna for other purposes.

Were you still interested in doing an add-your-own-crossfire version for a premium price. Like $450 plus? I'm very very interested in paying you to build one. Have no issues with whatever price you want. Hit me up on instagram I've pm'd you there. Thanks!

Love the idea and going to get one made. I have a question tho, this is designed around the full size Crossfire. Will the Crossfire Micro just slip in without the need to mod the boards?

Would prefer not to have to cut up the crossfire. Also going to look at an alternative to the True-D, one of the cheap alternatives since for me the screen is there for while you are in the pits ect, not really for flying. Will post up once its done

Hi glad your going to make one. Yeah it is designed for the full size crossfire. You will have to do some modifications to make the crossfire micro fit. I don’t have a micro so not sure how it will work out. You could keep the circuit board from the taranis that has the module pins and just plug it into micro tx. Then you wouldn’t have to open it.
The reason I chose the true d was for compactness and the fact that it has a screen and buttons makes me able to change channels and bands. With the modules that don’t have buttons and rely on the fatshark controls you won’t be able to change channels unless you rig up some circuitry to control it.

Once I have the case in my hands I can check out how the micro will fit. I have a hope that I can just take it out of its housing and then seal the back of the Tarango (can only hope).

True-D is optimal, but at £60 its a little steep. I use one in my goggles so unless I set it up so I plug my goggles into the Tarango I will get a cheap one such as this:

But I will need to change the scroll wheel to buttons, which I think is an easy enough mod. And at 1/3 the price of a True-D means if I break it, I can buy 2 more and still have change.

I will try and do a full on build video / blog or something so more people can get building. A mate who is doing the printing for me is breaking the front and back into 2 parts to be joined together (ABS and Acetone) since I cant get my hands on a 300x300 printer.

In one of your vids you mention using body filler to get the finish, is that standard car body filler or something different?

Cool sounds like you oh will have fun with it :)
For the body filler it was glazing putty. Just ask the body shop for the final coat of filler. It goes on very smooth it won’t leave pin holes. And it’s easy to sand.

Very cool. Some of the few occasions that it hate having no access to a 300x300 printer. With the new Laforge you could even rely 100% on OSD - no need to mount the screen to the front.

Yeah I really like having the larger print bed comes in quite handy. There not that much now. The tevo tornado is what i have. You can get them for under 400 now.
Yeah hat new laforge is cool. I wish the small clear view was a stand alone that would be sweet to put in the Tarango.

Would you mind sharing the STEP Files or "raw" Design Files? Tat would be perfect. I hope you did it in Fusion360. At least STEP Files would be awesome. Thanks for your work!

Wonderful work! Any chance that you (or someone else) are going to do a remix without the crossfire for xjt weebs so we can put bigger batteries? :P

Thanks. The crossfire module dosent have to be installed. And it already has a 6000 mah battery. How much more mah do you really need?

ouch, i forgot how high-cap those 18650's are :D actually i was thinking about using the same batteries as now, maybe i should print and see what i can do.
are pins required to be removed if i dont use crossfire? i want to use external modules but it looks like case is blocking of the pins

Yeah I removed the circuit board that has the pins for modules. I just bypassed it to go straight to the tax main control board

Wonderful work ! Hopefully someone will remix for X9D + Eachine 58Pro “Achilles” diversity RX innards :)

The x9d has a bigger main control board and tx module it won’t fit in this case I bet the diversity recover would though. I made one with a laforge module. But no dvr.

is it possible to share the x9d version as well?

No it’s not possible. Because I designed it around the Qx7. It won’t fit the x9d internals

But you do have to remove the internal antenna and module right?

sorry, i just saw the antenna inside ^^ amazing man. But can you just add hole or somiething in the middle for the strap? Like the 1st version?

There isn’t much room in betweeen the taranis lcd and Fpv screen to put a hole for a keck strap especially because both ribbon cables run right there:/ It’s somthing I hope to ad in a coming version though.

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You know what would be even cooler if you removed the lcd and replaced it with a tablet and added one of these android fpv receivers https://www.amazon.com/Receiver-Auto-scan-Snowflake-function-real-time/dp/B06ZZG6GSR/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1518755870&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=android+FPV+Receiver&psc=1

Then the screen would be a tablet and a fpv viewer :) nice the new spektrum ix12 that would be sooooo awesome

Amazing design btw love it great work

neat idea. but i dont know what i would use the tablet side for as a screen. And how would i integrate the diversity receiver and the dvr also?

they make diversity versions of the android fpv receiver its just more expensive. For me the tablet would be used for droid planner, i use a mavlink flight controller in my planes and wings which integrates with the tbs crossfire and with the droid planner app i connect to the full size crossfire module with bluetooth and get all my telemetry data it also shows in live time on google maps where your plane or drone is, and also give you the ability to make auto pilot missions live on the app hahaha yea its advanced stuff but you gotta take advantage of crossfire and pixhawk fc via mavlink ;)

Oh cool lots of possibility’s there. I had no idea. Make one. Would be cool to see.

Two things would need to be changed 1) trim switches would need to be installed(because for a plane or 650 size drone the trims are very important) and 2) the cutout for the android would need to be 197mm x 111mm to fit a google nexus 7 :(

Thank you very much for this work. It's very cool

What an incredible project! Thank you.

Here in France, we can't see amazon.com links, they are redirected to amazon.fr and same products doesn't exists :/
Have you somes refs so we can search it elsewere?


thank you so much for sharing this awesome work!