Arduino mega r3 box v1

by Dcdesigns Mar 24, 2014
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Made a lid. Should fit a Mega + Ethernet shield. Might add cutout for a 1602 LCD later. Thanks


Arduino mega r3 box v4 - Lid

Thanks, Dcdesigns. but it looks like I can only open .123dx files in the free version, 123D. Perhaps, they want people to buy AutoCAD!. I would, except the price is a little steep for me since I'm retired and just a home hobbyist.

Thanks, again, for your work. Creating something is one thing, but, documenting it for sharing with others (for free) can be significantly more effort.

Thanks for your fine work! It fit my MEGA R3 just fine including mounting holes. I like to have my Arduinos attached to something so they don't float around the workbench with the possibility of shorting something. I also tend to commit an Arduino to a particular project since they are so cheap on Ebay. I seldom use shields but I do need to get the wire out of the Arduino and would like a cover since many projects are intended for outdoor use.

If you made the box a little taller, I could make my own simple cap lid. Attachment holes would not be required for me as I would either use a friction fit or just "tape" the two halves together.

If you use Autodesk123D, I would appreciate a post of the this so I can alter without redoing from scratch. I can't use OpenScad.

I use autocad 2013 but I can include a dwg or dxf 3d file

I could use feed back from any one who makes this. I used my mega for dim's but need to know how well it works with others boards. Thank you

This could use a lid my friend. You could just and 4 mounting points like the ones for the board and just make them taller(kinda like the ones you buy from radio shack. And make the lid the same outside perimeter and Presto! Lid for enclosure!

The lid and other add-ons will come later, I am working on a ramps cover with fan yo help clean up the electronics on rep raps. other covers will be designed to accommodate other shields and connections. I wanted to know how other megas fit to make sure it has the needed clearance inside. Thanks for the feed back.