Ultimate Retropie Joystick Controller -- Remix

by ecoiras Feb 15, 2018
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well ive got somheting too do thanks man !!

Just what I needed! Thanks!

Any plans to modify the player 2 version as well?

Yeah that'd be useful, I'm thinking about dropping the pi inside the joystick idea becaus it's more convenient (in terms of cable placement) to have it in it's own case connected to the TV...

I just printed this and it's pretty awesome. Great button placement, fits many button kits (mine was slightly different but still worked) and is solid and efficient use of filament. I broke the supports for the pi but that's probably my ham-fisted attempt. My only issue is that you'd need a super slender micro usb cable to fit into the tiny hole. I'd make it a few mm larger all around. Everyone uses a slightly different power cable with vastly different end plastic. But again, that's a small thing that can be easily modded with drill or dremel. Thank you so much for sharing this.

I had the same problem with the Pi supports, they are too thin. In fact, printing at 0.3mm the support that has the hole for the screw didn't even appear in the print. But like some people commented on the original model the Pi holds pretty tight just from the port holes, so in the end it has worked well as it was in the original. In my case the usb cable fit neatly, but I guess it depends on your joystick kit.

If you want to further remix the model I would recommend: (1) make the Pi supports thicker, (2) remove some slack from the revetments that close the lid, (3) figure out a way to make the usb cable from the joystick to the Pi stays inside the box, (4) provide easier access to the microsd card.

After a large print like this (large for me anyway lol), I'm good with it as is. I may move the HDMI and Micro USB ports to more center them in the back thus letting the usb stay in the box. But I can do that with a drill and dremel combo. I may also put a USB battery bank in the box (there's plenty of room) to keep all but the HDMI from hanging out.

hey could you add the cad file you made?