Star Wars TIE Fighter

by breakfastsandwich Mar 24, 2014
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Very nice, easy to build, everything for perfectly, hardly even used any glue it all fit so tightly.

Thanks, hopefully it stays together. Some of the credit goes to you, a tight fit means you have your laser calibrated just right! I had problems with press-fit joints working loose in the past, so my procedure is, "glue everywhere", but if it works, power to you!

Hallo. I made the TIE Bomber Version and want to ask you how do you made the instruction. I want to do the same so it looks the same...

The instructions are made from exploded views from inside my modeling program (Creo).

Awsome! I've made three so far. Modded it to 3mm and it came out great. Thinking about getting a 6mm for my office.

How big did it come out?

What material did you use? looks like mdf (?)

Yeah, mdf. A very similar product called hardboard would also work

Looks great! what thickness of wood was used in this build?

I love your work. Your three Star Wars models are among my favourite things on Thingiverse. I took the liberty of remixing your Tie Fighter into an attempted Interceptor, which is one of my favourite fighters from the original trilogy. I would never have tried without seeing (and borrowing heavily from) your inspirational model. Thanks!

AGAIN thank you for this puzzle
It's beautiful
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