by Jean-pole Feb 16, 2018
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a good idea would be to put in the images what is the name and type of Stl vase (lines, spiral etc) ..... because I wanted to print one and I downloaded almost all ... thanks for the contribution

Oh yeah thanks, I'll surely do that in my next creations

Dear designer, could you please tell me how to change the thickness of the vase? I am new to 3d printing. I downloaded the file and it is full. thank you.

It depends of the program you are using but it is usually a fonction that you activate called vase mode or spiralize


can you please make your model 2mm-3mm thick ? vase mode is useless :s the prints brake very easily.

The stl is full... You decide the thinkness

thanks, i get it now :)

What would cause each vase to have basically a cap on each top?

If you put the vase mode off, the vase if going to be full and there is going to be a cap on each top but if you put the vase mode on, there is not going to be a cap on each top.

I tried both ways and both show the cap on the preview.

same here: it's only the preview but when you print it, there is no cap and the vase is empty. To check, select the layer view and you are going to see that it is only printing the contour.

Love the design. I made one of these and am wondering how to get rid of the little holes at the top of each diamond. Printed on a Tevo Black Widow printer using S3D software in vase mode.You can see the holes in my photos.

You should increase the extraction percentage.

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Don't forget to post a "make" if you did a vase