Compact Dice Tower/Box

by MementoMori Feb 16, 2018
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I would love a tower this size, that I could hang from my DM screen.

The tower seems a little loose and would tilt down when I put a dice in. Any suggestions on getting more friction to keep it from closing?

Any tips on how to snap the bits together without them breaking?

Spread the clips apart gently. Pull one to the middle, then push all the part until both pieces are in their place.

PLA should be flexible enough not to break, if you do it carefully.

Thanks for that. I had a semi success, managed to clip it in, closed it. Can't open it :/

At first it can be a bit hard if you didn't file it. But if you work it a bit, it will be good.

So I'm not sure why, but I re-downloaded this Thing and the lid is not slicing correctly. It is showing that, when sliced, it simply does not have a middle part of the hinge for the lid.

Really like this design. However it seems theres no real good way to print the tower piece without having to have a lot of supports or areas where supports are not fully supporting everything. My suggestion for easier printing is to model in holes in the sides of the tower and slide the ramps in place and affix them with a dab of glue. You'd be able to print it with 80% less supports then.

I just printed this one, and I found the easiest way was to print the tower upside-down with my support overhang limit set to about 55 degrees. That way it ignored the ramps and just printed one tower of support material right up the middle which was easy to remove. The main risk in this case is that it places very little of the build in contact with the buildplate, so might want to print with a brim or raft if you're worried about adhesion. I forgot, but got lucky and had no build adhesion issues.

The ramps don’t need any supports. They’re only needed at the dice exit gap/hole, the bottom and knobs that hold the tray.

The original design isn’t mine, and I’m not totally happy with it. Instead of doing any further modifications may do a new one.

Why not extend a part of the tray to allow it to just be closed and it'll close the top, too? That way, there's less moving parts.

Two reasons. One is that it may hit the top of the tower while closing, bust most importantly because collecting dice would be hard.

I’m working on different (more elegant) ideas. One is extending the tray and puting a hinge in it, so it can fold and close both sides.

That might work, but I'm going for ease of printing and less moving parts. I still think that extending that one part might be a little easier, and retrieving the dice from the tray is actually as easy as tilting the tower. I would at least try it before knocking it. I may try to do it myself, but I want to see how well this prints and functions, first. (It would have been done earlier, but we had a power outage mid-print.)

(I'm 40% in at this point), it's late, and I just realized how many hours I could have saved by not having MAX supports on the tower part. D;