Gas Mask Filter Adapter (40mm NATO to 3M 6000 Series)

by tkmarsh Feb 16, 2018
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One of the photos shows the adapter screwed into a Soviet GP6 gas mask. Note that the GP6 uses a 40mm GOST thread, not the 40mm NATO STANAG 4155 thread. This adapter should only be used with NATO masks, not Soviet.

Not quite right.

I'm aware they're both different standards, but they both serve the same practical purpose in this case.
I only included NATO in the title because that's what the thing I remixed it from is called, a CAD rendition is indistinguishable between either GOST or NATO seeing as it's not actually NATO but an approximation, not to mention printing tolerances when you actually make it.
There's no air gap and the seal is identical to the metal GOST threads on the original filters for the GP-5 and PMG, so there's no leakage or anything. I've got a bunch of masks and filters lying around to test and compare with, so I'm confident that this models fine.

And both of the masks shown are soviet, a GP-5 and the other one is a PMG.

Interesting, I don't find that to be the case on my GP5 masks. I get maybe 1 turn in before the threads bind and it does not seal at all. The difference in thread pitch is readily apparent so I wasn't too surprised with the outcome. FWIW, I made an adapter based on the GOST thread specs and it fits perfectly.

That's quite strange, as I said I've tested it on multiple models of soviet mask, covering the inlet and inhaling with no leakage.
I can screw the adapter in fully and unscrew it fine, as far as my testing with it's gone, it is identical to the GOST threads.

The only problem I had was putting an o-ring on the 3M filter side for a better seal, it got kinda tight and cracked part of the PLA.

Was it this CAD model you tried with your mask and what printer did you use?

Hi how did you create the thread in fusion? I have no idea how to do that. By the way, great model.

Thanks, but I didn't lol, I just grabbed this STL from here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:144923/#files (Very bottom one) then merged it with the other model.

There's probably a way to do it, but I never bothered since uumeran already made that tried and tested one. Forgot to credit him after I went looking for 3DModularSystems thing to credit.

Israeli Civilian Gas Mask Filter
by uumeran