Balancing wine bottle holder

by Kenneth79 Feb 17, 2018
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Thanks for this awesome print... Christmas pressies sorted for 2019 ;-)

Just printed one out now and fits like a glove!! Will post a make

:-( My wine bottles do not fit in the hole.
Printed it today and now it is sort of useless for me.
If I print it bigger, would it still be stable balanced?


It fits all the bottles i have.. But it need to be a tight fit or the bottle can slide out. If it’s just a little to tight, you can sand the hole to make it fit... You could scale it up, and it should still balance but I’ve not tried that.

What’s the diameter on the bottleneck? I can make the hole bigger in fusion360 and upload a new file for you...

Thank you for offering a new version. I will inform you if it becomes necessary.
After removing the seal-foil-sheet-stuff from the bottlehead, it fits, but really tight to get over the head.
I just print it a little bit bigger.
Coming near the limits of my printing plate. (220x220/AnetA8) :-D

Since it is that close, it should probarbly be enough with some sanding. Then you won’t have to print one more. If you make more in the future, just scale it 101-102% and that should do it...

Hey. I reprinted with 105% and now it works. Really nice design! :-) Thank you.

Thank you! Great that it worked out for you!

esta muy bueno!!!!! :)

esta muy bueno!!!!! :)

Don’t you think it would be good of you to recognize your’s as a remix of this?

Floating Gravity Wine Bottle Holder - DEFY GRAVITY!

This type of wine bottle holder isn't exactly novel. Also considering the major differences in design of these two models this is no remix.

It's pretty obviously not a remix of that.

If I had remix it of that one I would have... I based the design of mine from a wooden one I got about 10 years ago. The only things I got from the wooden one, was the angles.