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Zelda - Breath of the Wild - Divine Beast Vah Naboris

by Jbenedetto84 Feb 17, 2018
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@liliphae on instagram printed one - looks like it turned out amazing. Pic attached

How long will this take to print and how heavy should it be? I don't own a 3d printer but I want to use one from my library, thanks.

I printed at 0.2 mm height and 50% scale and it took about 11 hours. Layer height (and obviously overall size) make a huge difference

How long depends on your settings. With my settings at ~60mm/s and a .1mm resolution, this would take about 99 hours to print at full size (which is 84mm wide x 205mm long x 243mm high) and would weigh 538 grams (around 1 lb). Again size weight and time all depend on your printer settings. This information would be provided to you when you slice the model before you print.

Do you know if anyone has successfully printed this? I just finished a first attempt and there seem to be large gaps in the main body of the beast. (Vah Medoh came out great though) I am using the fixed versions of the files

I haven't had the opportunity to print this yet nor do I know anyone who has, however when I slice this model in Cura at an 80% scale and .1mm resolution, I don't see any slicing errors in the model. What slicer are you using? Maybe I can work the model to work with your slicer.

I have a Snapmaker and am working with their slicing software. It's just come onto the market this year so it's not very common. I'll check to see if I can get Cura to communicate with it first. Thanks

Hi. I've moved the convo to here so I can attach a photo. Did you download the Cura software or are you slicing with Snapmaker? When I slice it in Cura, it seems fine. I haven't looked at any other models yet as I wanted to make sure my procedure for this one worked before I moved forward. These models can be a real pain to work with sometimes because the originals were not designed to be solid, instead just to hold a texture for the game. Did the original body of Naboris print better than this one? If that's the case I can redo the original instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. Take a look at my slicing and let me know if yours looks similar.

Printing the legs by themselves turned out much better than with the body. I flipped them upside down and they came out way cleaner. (legs by themselves on the right)

Yes the "solid" version of the model printed much better. Even at smaller sizes the side walls were solid, but the split version (in black) the sides were all strings that pulled away. Would love to see Rudania if splitting the other model is an option. His legs make it difficult for me to get a decent size print on my small build plate

I might look into doing what adafruit did with the divine beast and make leg pieces that click together. Might have some time this weekend to look into it. I was digging through the game files and found a less detailed version of naboris if you'd be interested I can post it. Not sure why you're not having the luck that I'm having with the hollow version.

Definitely looks like the solid version is the way to go for your slicer. I decided to print the hollow body model to see how it would print for me seeing that it seemed to slice fine, and it came out pretty good sliced with Cura (with the exception that I ran out of filament half way through lol). It seems to print a little messy and I think it's due to the model not the printer/slicer. My MK2 clone usually prints PLA beautifully without zits or strings, and this model seems to have a bunch. Other problem I had was my supports were too close so I don't think I'll be able to get them off without breaking the model. Still waiting on my MK3 MMU so I can print supports in PVA. It does seem possible to print the hollow model though. I think it needs to be scaled big enough and with the right slicer to work. I recommend trying Cura to see if you achieve different results.

How did you extract this from the game? Or did you model it yourself?

It's a combination of both. There's a youtube video that explains extracting mesh models very well. From there I use 6 different programs and a lot of man hours to turn the mesh into something printable.