Monstamaka starter set

by mageli Mar 24, 2014
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I am currently in the process of making every single monsta! I would love to see a snake one! I also find it easier to put the segments together if you take a blow dryer and heat up the connecting prongs and while they're soft squeeze them together a bit to make them smaller. Love the monstas! keep them up!

Hi. Thanks for your comments and suggestion ! I actually planned to design an armadillo, an octopus and … a snake ! Be patient, they will arrive...
Concerning the assembly, I've designed it for ABS. If you use another material, It may have a different behavior. Some other makers adjust the fit with a light sanding. Thanks for sharing your tip.
Keep on making !

Oh yay! Can't wait!

Where is the Vampire Head? :(

are you talking about the bat head ?
it's the first file in the list : "mtmk_trifix_bathead.stl"

Mageli, we need more Monstas!!!

Hi dssguy1, a new Monsta is on-line !

Yay, thanks for the heads up, I love these things!!

I know I know ! I also "need" to work again on 3D printed things… for the moment, I've got so much work that I don't have time to play with my favorite "toy"… hope it will be calmer soon… I have a lot of ideas in the head, it's really a pity that time flies sooooo quickly ! I must come back with new monstas before your daughter is too old to play with ;-)

Super cool, we have the new connection method on all the models now.
Don't think I didn't notice you added more detail to the models and some other cool features.
The bat wings are easier to print and IMO cooler looking! I like the BAT's new feet and the Caterpillar's different sized rolls!

The bat.stl model doesn't look like the one in the photos as the wings extend below the rest of the object. Is this part meant to be printed with support?

I uploaded a picture of how I printed the wings to my "make". I also added some details in the comments of my "make".

In the photo you are looking at the Bat assembled with the base. If you only look at the middle section, you will see the wings extend below the print. I used supports in SImplify3D and it came out nice.

to complete this good reply, I've printed the winged part upside down with support just under the cylindrical body.
Beside this, sometimes the latest model is a bit different than the one on posted pictures just because I had to adjust the shape a little and didn't take time for a new shot as the modifications are not so visible.

Really cool! I am printing the set for my daughter at 1.75 scale. Really looking forward to the next animal!
Not super happy with the attachment method. I think if the attachment cylinders had more contact area, you could lightly sand them to achieve the fit you want. The way this current model connects only has a very small contact area and that doesn't leave you much room for adjustment.
Especially if you used that surface as the base when you printed. Now you have even less contact area because you have to sand a small amount off to correct the smooshed out effect you get with the first layer. Maybe the fit is a little tighter with ABS shrink but for PLA, they are a little loose for a toy.
Still love the idea and can't wait for more. I will post pics of the larger version of these!

thanks for your feedback. I've tested the assembly only with ABS. It works pretty well. I will try to make a better attachment method following your advice, but I also want to avoid manual finishing like sandind if possible.
Did you try the eggO assembly ? the attachment design of the parts is similar but a bit different.

I didn't try the egg chair yet. I am having a couple issues with the models fitting together well on the original animal but being loose on some of the others and I print them all at the same orientation.
I really do think if you made the slightest interference and the contact surface the complete cylinder, it would give a more forgiving assembly. With this style, I go from not possible to assemble because of the smooshed first layer, to VERY SLIGHTLY sanding with 1000 grit paper and they are now too loose and fall out.
It could be PLA but that is the direction MBI is going, look at their 5th gens, none of them have a heated bed!
I am almost done with the 3rd set at 1.75 scale. I will upload pics soon!!

Mageli, I had another idea (I know, I am full of them). Could you put a coarse thread on them? It wouldn't require more than 1 thread to lock them together. Kind of like the thread on the sample MakerBolt from MakerWare. I don't think you would need more than one and it would have to line up properly with each section. May not work, just thought I would put it out there.
Moving on to the Shark now!!

Thanks for your idea. You're right, a thread could be a good way to avoid any problem using various materials with different properties for same 3D model. I've chosen to attach the part with a clip system or a tight adjustment to allow the parts to turn freely relatively to the others for a better playing experiment (it's important to be able to turn the head for instance !). It may be also easier for young children to clip rather than screw the parts together.
I will try to enhance the attachment system for better gameplay and easier printing.

Don't forget ManBearPig!

For the thousands of people who don't use MakerBot software and have never seen a .thing file extension, you can download the .thing files, change the .thing extension to .zip, then easily extract the .stl files inside the archive.

Oh ! I didn't realize that I've published the only the .thing files. Thanks for the trick ! It's good to know.