Emergency cash Keychain

by Pahchay Feb 18, 2018
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Any chance you can make a fully encapsulated version?
You could also put the groove towards the middle so it can be snapped in half like a stick

Yes you're right. I was worried that normal use might cause it to break open if the groove was in the middle. I put it near the end so you could snap it with a key (Works really well) and it definitely holds up to abuse. I've had mine on my key ring for about a year now and it hasn't broken with lots of abuse and drops on hard pavement. When you snap the groove, the bill sticks out about a half an inch and pulls out easily.


Just wanted to mention that while a bit nervous about taking this through airport security, I've been on a couple trips through the TSA with no problems. I worried about taking a 3D printed item that looks a bit like a bullet through the scanners with a suspicious cylinder inside, they paid it no mind and it passed with flying colors. Cheers!

How do you expect people to roll a bill that tight?

See detailed description in the summary. It's not that hard. Takes about 2 minutes. And I don't expect anyone to do anything. Just wanting to contribute!

Did you print it at full size, or can it be scaled in such a way as to be more key chain friendly and still fit a full size bill? Also. what were your print settings? If that's not too much to ask! :D

The current size will fit a tightly rolled bill. I'm sure if you scale it in either direction, you'll have problems unless the shaft and opening sizes remain the same. If you use the same shaft and opening size and make other changes, the groove and support measurements need to be considered. You want the support on the end cap to be thick enough that it's not going to break off easily during normal use, drops onto concrete (Has anyone ever dropped their keys?)
The print settings may be finicky depending on your printer. I used a cheap "Monoprice IIIP" bought off Amazon. I'll grab some screenshots of the print settings from Cura that worked for all of the ones shown in the photos. I'll also add my .gcode and .skp and *.f3d files to the post if anyone is interested. Plate adhesion is important and when I printed the first one, I went to bed and when I went into my office to see the finished product, there was a "Bird nest" on the printer and I found the keychain on the floor nearby. Postmortem indicated that the layers were set too thin which caused the print head to drag on the upper layers, building to the point where it finally broke it off the plate.

Hope this helps!


Great idea to secure it from yourself ;-) Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks! This way it's there when you REALLY need it :-)
If you have to break the seal, you can just print another one. It would probably make a practical and thoughtful gift.