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Sparkmaker Resin Tower test v4

by sacy Feb 18, 2018
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Thank you. Looks like Makerjuice Standard works best at 18 second (possible more, but at 18 it didn't look over cured while at 14 the small diagonal was broken). Could you do one in 0.05 please?

yes i shaked it. and i readjusted the print bed, cleaned everything and took 80secs for the first layer. it worked great !!

Nice.. good to know you get it to print. .hope that this tower able to find your best layer cure time

i tried printing this but the outcome was just nnothing.... is it possible to edit this thing to a higher bottom layer curing time ? i think lcd-n needs more time

hi Frizzn.. yes, sure you can .. just open the file with a text editor like (notepad++ or sublime) , and edit G4 s60; to a longer time...
But it already 60 sec for first 3 base layer...

have you try on other resin like LCD-T see if it will print?? if it dont it may be something else having issue

When I open print.wow (in Sublime Text) I just get a bunch of text that looks like hex data:

4732 313b 0a47 3931 3b0a 4d31 373b 0a4d
3130 3620 5330 3b0a 4732 3820 5a30 3b0a

Is it supposed to be gcode?

it should be gcode and raw bitmap.. you try open with wordpad.. see if it work.. think you have use the wrong codex on sublime..

When I 'more' it on the terminal, it starts with some gcode then is a bunch of binary; I guess Sublime saw the binary and decided to show me the file as hex. What threw me is that it says the format is 'plain text' even though it's decoding the binary into hex.

So has anyone worked out what .wow format is? Can any software other than the (bad) slicer provided by WOW generate it?

the hex you see from sublime should be the bitmap drawing.. rest of the other stuff will be Gcode :)
there a fork version of slacer .. you can try that .. it in this thingiverse sparkmaker group

if you are using sparkstuido try chitubox its supports sparkmaker v1 and fhd

thanks a lot!
i have no other resin here to try, i cleaned everything and changed the bottom layer to 80 secs and give it a try now. i changed the fep and the screws yesterday and the first print stuck to the fep. i´ve read thats a problem with the bottom layer exposure time but i´m open for other suggestions. ;)

have you shake well the resin before you pour out? and sometime is calibration issue.. but have you check your Z movement. is there any funny issue?