OctoPi Case for Prusa i3 MK2S and MK3 with exposed GPIO ports

by ChrisPetit Feb 19, 2018
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Love your remix, do you have the fusion 360 files. I am looking at using this case for my Prusa MK2S and RaspberryPI 3B+ but would like to amend the case to allow for heatsinks and inclusion of a fan in pull mode.

Hi, The source files are linked in the thing description...let me know of hou have any problems with them.

Can you upload the CAD files for this please? How are remixes of these designs being made without CAD files when STL file imports don't contain original CAD file features such as faces, extrusions, etc.?

I've linked the files in the thing description...sorry it took me a long time...

Hi, ill publish the fusion 360 links in the week of 4 februari...as im on vacation now...cheers

In regard to the M3/M2.5, the only place in town that had them was Home Depot. And the heads of the bolts wouldn't fit down into the inserts. This made the bolts too short, will require M3x16mm for the mount to MK3 frame. I used M2.5x25mm for connecting the cases. Had a small amount of overhang. If using the bolts from Home Depot, you'll need to go longer.

This looks great! I'm looking to make a similar setup, so I was wondering what the usb cable is for. I assume the cables from the GPIO pins are running to the board in the same way they do in the Prusa tutorial (Step 6, http://manual.prusa3d.com/Guide/1.+Printer+disassembly/586?lang=en), but that tutorial doesn't have anything about a usb cable.

The USB cable is for the MK2s Prusa...I needed the GPIO for a led light for the camera...

The PI 3B fit perfectly. I had to use 2x M3x10 screws to attach to the MK3 frame because M3x8 only had a few threads exposed out the back of the case.

Thanks for the remix. Love having access to the GPIO ports.

Will you please confirm the size of the bolts necessary to hold the case together and attach the case to the frame?

The design that is referenced as the one upon which this design is based lists the hardware as:

Case together: four M3 x 16 bolts
Case to frame: two M3 x 10 bolts

I printed this case in PLA, 150um, but the M3 bolts used to hold the case together do not screw into the base. They just slip out. It appears the holes in the base of the case are too large.

Should we be using different bolts?

Hi. Thanks for the comment, I've just printed the Base in 0.15mm layer height, but have no problems screwing in the M3x16 bolts...If they give friction in the Pi PCB you have the correct one. You might want to try the base from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2334119/#files, that one is actually the one same one in this thing. The one in the Picture is printed in 0.2mm layer height. Let me know if you keep having troubles...

If I can find the time I'll try to put holes in the base for nuts to eliminate this problem altogether.

OctoPi Case for Prusa i3 MK2S and MK3


Thanks for the speedy response. Having holes in the base for nuts would really make this case solid and superior to others.

I am trying to print the original base as you suggested (2334119). It looks identical (as you mentioned), but we will check it when done. The bolts we have are definitely M3 and they are very snug in the pi board.

BTW, we are using the new Pi 3B+ just released and the case dimensions fit perfectly. Apparently this new Pi has identical dimensions.

More info...

We are using the new Pi 3B+. The mounting holes in the board are 2.75 mm and the 3 mm bolts will not go through them. Plus the holes in the base (original design carried through to this one) still seem to be too large - even for the 3 mm bolts.

I like your idea of cutting small holes in the mounts for nuts. The case may work better with 2.5 mm bolts (per Raspberry Pi specs on website).

Would you mind sharing the source file so that I can take a stab at a remix?

I've included two more versions for M3 or M2.5 bolts and nut...:D