Wire Spool Holder Carousel

by adafruit Feb 21, 2018
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Hello I printed this nice done but i't a pitty that you did't include the empty spools to print !
Where can I find this. I tried something did not work well

Nice design. Anything to help reduce the clutter on my bench is appreciated. The base is a little thin and it warped slightly after I removed it from the build plate. (I printed it in PLA and let it cool completely before removing it.) The tolerances are very tight, so even a tiny bit of warping causes the pieces to rub when spinning. Luckily, Adafruit has the Fusion360 file available to download, so I increased the thickness of the base to 5mm. It's printing now, but I expect it to solve the problem.

Thanks Adafruit, for the neat design and for making all the design files available. I've ordered more wire to fill it up.

OK, after printing the bearing base twice and putting everything together with the spools of wire, I found that I needed to make a number of additional changes:

  • As mentioned in my original comment, I thickened the base of the bearing base to 5mm to stiffen it and prevent any warping.
  • I changed the diameter of the bearing holder from 22.4mm to 22.0mm to get a press fit. The original dimension might be fine for some printers, but it was a loose fit for mine.
  • I decreased the diameter of the spool pegs down to 7.5mm so the spools would spin freely. They were almost the same diameter as the spool holes, so some of them were too tight to spin freely before..
  • I reduced the width of the wire retention slots from 1mm to 0.8mm to hold the wire more securely.
  • I increased the number of wire retention slots from 5 to 6 since the carousel holds 6 spools.
  • I left the screw holes in the spool holder and the holder mount to aid in locating them concentrically when attached, but I chose to glue them instead of using screws.