PanelDue 7i & 5i Cases with flexible mounts

by LumberjackEngineering Feb 19, 2018
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Can this be scaled down for a 5" Panel?

I don't think you could simply apply a scaling factor to it, but the design should certainly be able to be tweaked to fit the 5i screen.

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Thanks, Figured as much. Nice design, my favorite of the 7i enclosures.

Thanks! I keep meaning to tweak the design a bit to make it thinner since it's a bit thicker than needed, but the current design has worked well for me for the past year. I designed it off the engineering drawings for the 7i before I actually had the panel in hand, so I was glad everything fit haha. If you want, I could probably find the drawings for the 5i and create a case for it in the same style as this one. Since I don't have a 5i, I'd need you to test the design for me though.

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Sorry for the late reply... I'd be more than Happy to test it. You make it and they will come! Just like in the movie. :)
I have a new spool of PETG ready. LoL (See thru Green - So it can shine!)

STL files are up for the 5i case! It uses the same mounting system (Mount_Frame, Mount_Display, and Mount_Arm files) as the 7i case, so the existing ones will work for both.

Thank You very much. Will print one out and mount it soon as the 5i comes in. Probably print it tonight, lol

Awesome to hear! Let me know how it works out - I think everything should fit well, but if there's adjustments that need to be made, just let me know.

Gotcha - give me a few hours and I'll see what I can come up with! Just to be sure, you've got the 5i, not the original 5" (non-integrated driver board) display?

I have the separate Paneldue board. But I have a 5i on the way.

Love it.. Hacked together your two extrusion brackets to make a 2020 bracket that uses M5 screws here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3116784

PanelDue 7i case bracket for 2020 extrusions and M5 holes
by garyd9

Perfect - thanks for taking the time to design this!

this is perfect thanks for posting.
Especially sharing the fusion file- makes tweaking to suit too easy


Thanks for the comment! I always appreciate when people post the actual source files, so I always try to make sure I do if someone requests them!

Question, with this design does it cover up the sd card slot? my paneldue 7i is on the way so im not able to confirm yet but from the looks of it it does cover up the sd card slot.

Yup, it does cover up the SD card slot. Mostly because I figured that printing from a SD card with a Duet Wifi was like putting ketchup on a really nice steak hahaha. The Fusion360 file is uploaded though, so you could totally add a slot for the SD card!

Normally i would agree with that but i only bought the paneldue because I have to bring my rostock max v3.2 to class with out being able to put it on wifi so we have to print via SD card. I will probably just modify it like you said tho, thanks for the quick response!

Ahh, gotcha! In that case a SD card does make a lot of sense.

After reading more about using the sd card with the paneldue they dont recommend using it but to rather use the sd card on the duet itself because its much faster lol well that solved that problem. I did however modify the case to shrink it down about 10mm and it still fits perfect so i will probably upload it as a remix of your design when i get around to it! Thanks for making the design

Awesome! Is it the thickness that you shrunk down? There was certainly room to do that - I don't remember my initial reason for making it thicker than it needed to be... I think it was mostly because I didn't fully trust the initial drawings I had of it before I had the 7i in my hands haha.

yeah i reduced the thickness, now with both the back and front together its still thinner than the front part of the case itself lol also i widened the opening in the back to make it easier to install the connectors

ignore the nuts on the back, the hardware store i went to didnt have the correct size m3 so i improvised lol

Nice build - it prints out well. In the assembly instructions, you indicated M5 T nuts for attaching arm to mounts. The STL for the mount has a hex insert. Did you find T nuts with a hex head? If so, do you remember where?

Those T-nuts are actually for attaching the bracket to the 3030 extrusion... looks like I forgot to include the hardware needed to bolt the arms together - whoops! I'll add that now.

Just added my print of this! It's very well made and fits like a glove on my PanelDue i7! Thank you!

PanelDue 7i & 5i Cases with flexible mounts
by Korboh

Thanks for adding your make of it! Your print looks great!

Beautiful design, prints very nicely. The PD7i fits perfectly. Once I get my machine set up I'll post a make. Really well done - Thanks!

Awesome! Glad to hear that others are enjoying it too!

This looks great! There are 2 Front.stl's - is there a difference?

Whoops! Nope, there's no difference at all. I removed one of them - thanks for the heads up!

Dude, I've wasted around 5 hours of printing just to find out that nothing fits and that I've printed the case for the normal PD7 - and I have the 7i... -_-
So I will give your case a shot later since the 7i is having very different hole patterns and overall dimensions. The 7i is nowhere near able to fit in the case for the normal 7. But your pictures are looking promising... :-)

My Paneldue 7i fits nicely in this case! The only thing is that it's a little thicker than needed - but the support posts hold the PD snugly anyways.

Can you share the STEP file so I can remix this a little easier? Thanks!

Would the Fusion360 format .f3d file work for you? Or did you want STEP specifically?

sure, doesnt matter, either or. Thanks!

The .f3d is up! A word of caution, it's a total dumpster file of a design tree. I have no idea why I didn't split stuff into separate components better - sorry about that!

I've been away on work-related travel the last several days - I should have the source file up tomorrow evening!

nice but i can kill for a 2020 profile :) (cr-10)

Gimme just a second here...

Did you want M3 or M5 mounting holes (to bolt to the 2020 frame)?

The .stl for the 2020 version should be uploaded now!

THANK YOU!!! Your awesome :)